Husband not asked whether he wanted to stay

Brought by ambulance. I waited a very short time and the ambulance men were very good.

Excellent treatment where they checked blood pressure and pulse. No embarrassment, she was happy to see paramedics.

She was then asked to wait for the orthopaedic Dr. Her husband was not asked whether he wanted to stay with her- wife has language problems and he feels he should be with her.

No complaints about staff treatment.


Diagnosis of Early-Onset Pre-eclampsia

I was let down by my local hospital’s antenatal and fetal assessment unit by the way they failed to recognise or take seriously enough my symptoms, or take the urgent action required when I presented with pre-eclampsia at 20 weeks gestation, quickly worsening with mine and my baby’s life becoming in danger over a period of around 2 weeks.

It was my first pregnancy, achieved through IVF after trying to conceive for 3 years. My baby already had growth restriction at this point.

Prior to this stage I’d had 3 severe bleeds, threatened miscarriages during my first trimester, and despite this was still labelled ‘low’ risk.

Ultimately my baby boy was stillborn at 25+1 weeks – an event that is sadly associated with pre-eclampsia.

Whilst I was in hospital, having been in for a month; I spent 2 weeks in this hospital and then I was transferred for specialist fetal-renal obstetric care – which was excellent – at a Women’s hospital who are more used to looking after mothers-to be in similar situations to how I was.

I feel that the staff at the first hospital (my local) did not have the awareness that pre-eclampsia can develop even at this early stage. It seemed to me that they refused to take it seriously, and so correct diagnosis and proper treatment/care was delayed until I finally saw an out-of-hours GP at my local hospital, who immediately understood the severity of my condition; my blood pressure had peaked at 170-180/ 100 by then, and proceeded to get me admitted that night.


Discharged from hospital at 05:00am

One night in mid December 2011 at 11pm, I had to call NHS Direct as I was having severe pains in the top half of my back, on the left side. The nurse called me straight back and as I was gasping in pain she called an ambulance for me because she was not sure if I was having a heart attack, I am 65. When the ambulance people arrived they took my stats and said even without the pain they would need to admit me to hospital as my sugar levels were through the roof. My nearest A & E was closed as the new hospital is being built at Southmead in Bristol. The ambulance crew took me to Frenchay hospital at midnight, a far distance from where I live in Bishopston, Bristol.

The nurse was excellent she looked after me and took my stats and gave me a morphine injection for the pain and carried out other investigations. I had been diagnosed by Lloyds Pharmacy in the October of 2011 as being diabetic, with very high blood pressure and cholestrol. By December my doctor was trying to get these factors under control. As it turned out I had a urinary tract infection probably due to the diabetes and the nurse gave me antibiotics for the infection.

I was completely taken by surprise when I was told at 4.30am that I could now go home. I explained that I had not brought any money with me and it was a good job, I had the presence of mind to get dressed before I left home. The nurse walked me through corridors at Frenchay to get to the ATM machine for cash for a taxi. I said to her should I take out £10.00 but she said no I would need more for the taxi, so I took out £20. On the minimum state pension this is a lot of money.

I went to the reception area and called a taxi to take me home by this time it was 5am and I just wanted to get home and sleep as I was knocked out with the morphine injectiion.My daughter was very cross that I had not called her for assistance but she has to work and needs a lot of focus in her job. I know she would have stayed with me in the hospital all night and then would have carried on to work. This is no good for her health. She could not believe that the NHS would discharge a patient at 5am in the morning who was taking into hospital because she was suspected of having a heart attack. To add I have lost 4 brothers at the ages of 60, 65, 65,and 66.

Once again thank you for raising this issue, the taxi fare home cost me £13.00, therefore I was pleased with nurse who told me to take out at least £20.00 for the fare home.


Cyst removal at North Devon district hospital

I went to North Devon to have a cyst removed. The care was all fine, and the staff were lovely. I have no complaints at all.

My blood pressure meant that I needed to stay in overnight – they explained everything to me, and it seemed like the right choice. I then went to outpatients for a follow up, which went well and again I had great care.


Some experiences of Barratt Maternity Home

I concur with the story already listed…..staffing appears to be the biggest issue at this maternity home. I have had three children at the home over a 12 year period and I’m due to have my fourth later on this year.

I chose to go there rather than to Kettering, as it is familiar and I have struggled to hear a good report from Kettering.

I have had two c-sections and one normal delivery. My last pregnancy was complicated by an onset of pre-eclampsia so I had to stay 3 weeks before my sons birth and another week after that.

The midwives do care and have a good sense of humour. I felt better treated in my later pregnancies as I was older and had more experience, whereas I was seen as young and incompetent as a mother at 20 years old. The ward I stayed on had been refurbished since my first in 2000, and was secure and clean.

This time however I will prepare myself with shed loads of food, they just don’t provide portions sizeable enough for pregnant women who are obviously feeding for two. A friend of mind would bring in bags of food, just so I wouldn’t feel starved.

But saying that, I would definitely choose there than anywhere else. On a couple of occasions the nurses were sympathetic to the fact I had my blood pressure taken constantly through the night that they would cradle my son after feeding during the night to allow me some rest which was a Godsend when you don’t have your partner there for 12 hours at a time. I have stayed in both the private rooms and the bayed ward and can say that you can’t beat having your own privacy in a room, as most of the women on the ward spoke very little English so it can be lonely.

Knowledge is power, so go prepared, with snacks to last and Internet access to find out how to look after your newborn on line, cause quite frankly no one there has the time to help you…..sad but true! These women work tirelessly, due to staff numbers their expertise cannot be fully appreciated.

The experience was positive enough for me to consider a career in midwifery myself, so that’s saying something.


Upset by my appointment for cortisone injections

We arrived at 12.45. There were 6 of us. I eventually got my injection at 14.05. I was second the list. When I said I wanted to go home, they took twenty minutes to phone my husband to tell him that I was ready. The nurse said I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink, and my blood pressure by now was 210 over 120. I feel that I was treated badly by the staff at hereford county hospital.


Impressive degree of attention

I was brought in by ambulance on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon having collapsed in a pub. As I was admitted I think my blood pressure was low and I was quickly seen by a team and in a matter of minutes was hooked up to all sorts of monitoring machines, drips, etc. At each stage one of the team took time to explain to me what they were doing and what they were hoping to achieve. As my blood pressure returned to a normal range I was under the supervision of a staff nurse and doctor who continued to care for me until I was ready to be sent home. The diagnosis was I had over exerted myself on a long walk and had not taken sufficient fluid hence became dehydrated. In that episode of five hours I saw the National Health Service at its very best. Thank you to the team.

Bob Clare

Endoscopy visit

Hopefully I will not require another visit! However I found that all members of the team, from the receptionist, the proceedural staff to the nurse checking blood pressure, and making coffee in recovery absolutely excellent. All were thoughtfull, polite , friendly, and professional. I am most greatful. Procedure date.. 8.20am 1st september 2015.

Rodney jackson

I feel there is no care anymore

I actually spent 2 days in an AAU ward. It was night time about 1 am in the morning when I finally got to go onto a ward and went to bed. Being so ill I had not eaten or drank anything for nearly five days because I went to bed at home to try to get better, until in the end there was no other alternative but to call the ambulance. I was not asked or offered anything to eat or drink not even water.

When I finally did try to sleep there must have been about 20 nurses and male nurses talking so loud and laughing I found it hard to sleep then when I did just doze off they kept waking me up to take blood pressure, and fix drips to my arm, and take blood pressure again.

Next day I was a NBM because of the tests.

The doctors came around and asked me if had I eaten anything and I told them not for five days, they were amazed because I only weigh 6 stone 6 ounces because I have had a traumatic experience prior to my illness which triggered this illness which made me lose weight.

When I was allowed to eat I took one bite of what looked like food and was so disgusted I could not eat it, I asked the other patients what they thought of it and they had to leave theirs too all patients in the same ward left their food and we all complained. What we were being fed it was just so disgusting.

There was one nurse I complained to and she said I could go private if I liked but as an elderly patient born and bred in this country and worked hard and paid my dues for what should be my rights I could not afford it. Why should I.

I feel there is no care any more.

I would happily like to tell my story to anyone who would listen in person.


Parking eye

I am currently pregnant for the 5th time with my last 4 pregnancies ending in miscarriage. I have been classed as high risk and have been visiting the hospital nearly every week for the last 12 weeks. I was rushed to the hospital on the 14th August with suspected pre eclampsia as my blood pressure was extremely high. I purchased what I thought was 3 hours of time. I have just received a parking charge notice saying that I had been in the car park for less than 3 hours. I do not have the receipt but I always purchase more time than I believe I will be there. I attended on the 21st August knowing that I would be in around an hour but still purchased 2 hours I was only there 50 minutes. I have tried speaking to parking eye who basically won’t give me the time of day. I am going through a very stressful time and do not need the extra tension of this. I think that a ticket barrier system that you pay for the exact time would be a lot better as without having to display the ticket in the windscreen you have no visibility when you get back in the car as to when the time expired. As I said this was an extremely stressful time and I’m am 99% sure that I purchased 3 hours as I only have £1 coins in my purse and am sure I paid £4 although I have no way of proving this.