My miscarriage experience at Queen’s Hospital, Romford

I started to bleed at over 12 weeks pregnant. I had had fertility treatment (privately). I went to Queens who made me wait in an abandoned office room for over 5 hours before I was seen. The Doctor said all was fine after a very brief examination. I was not allowed a scan even though I asked for one many many times. I had to call King George in Seven Kings to try and get a scan (the two hospitals are aparently linked) and was told I could have one in March. Over a month later. I was allowed to come that afternoon to sit and wait for a scan – but only after begging and crying on the phone. I was sent back to Queens after being told unceremoniously the ‘product is dead’. At Queens I encountered the most unsympathetic, unhelpful people I felt I have ever met in my life.

They constantly referred to my baby as ‘the product’, and I feel they tried to bully me into having the baby removed surgically. I didn’t and in the end I had no idea what was going to happen to me. I didn’t get any emotional care, no advice on what would happen physically, and no advice as to who I should contact if I had any questions. They didn’t even give me a leaflet.

That night I had full on contractions and the baby came. I went to the hospital the next day as I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. The staff member yelled my name and walked away so quickly that I couldn’t follow. I felt I was obviously a massive inconvenience to them all. The whole experience had been so unbelievably awful that we went away to Portsmouth for the weekend. When I got there I realised I was really ill. (I have type 1 diabetes) My blood sugars were so high they wouldn’t register which is a typical sign of infection. I went to the A&E there (Queen Alexandra – I would recommend it to anyone) and the staff were absolutely lovely. The first thing they did was to give me a leaflet from the miscarriage association and tell me what was happening to my body.

They diagnosed me with a serious infection of my uterus (which could have left me infertile had it not been treated). I was admitted and had IV antibiotics and then 4 weeks of oral antibiotics, such was the seriousness of the infection.

I DID write to Queens hospital and had a letter of apology and telling me all the things they had put in place to change what had happened to me.

More recently I had another miscarriage at 7 weeks pregnant and once again went to Queens, reassured that their practice had improved significantly.

Absolutely nothing had changed in my opinion. I thought the treatment was again awful, there was still no information given to me and I still don’t feel as if my emotional needs were even considered.

I am very lucky in that I have my very supportive partner, family and friends and have medical experience as I trained as a nurse but if I hadn’t I can’t even bear to think about how I would have coped.

Extremely Unhappy

One midwife who let the side down at Bolton

I have given birth to four children at Royal Bolton Hospital. I have had 3 good experiences which i was very happy with. Then i had my son and it was a completely different experience.

The wards (m2) were understaffed, ladies was actually giving birth on the ward. I felt like i was just a patient number. I would have to say that the midwives I met in the ward beforehand just didn’t seem to care, but i have to admit once in the delivery suite it was complete opposites, the staff were fantastic.

I spoke to the head of midwifery about this. She reassured me that this was unusual for RBH because they usually have procedures in place to prevent this. I was very pleased with the outcome of our chat.

I am now on my 5th pregnancy, i have a low lying placenta and i started to bleed again at 25+ weeks. I was told to come to the delivery suite to be assessed by a very lovely young midwife. I saw the doctor and he said i needed to be admitted on to ward (m2), as soon as m2 was mentioned i was reluctant to stay, but i did. When i got to the ward i have to say i was surprised how much it had changed and improved.

On night one the midwife was fantastic, very attentive and compassionate, and there was also an older lady called Claire who worked as a care worker, she was so sweet and sincere she couldn’t do enough. I was flabbergasted with the way I was being treated.

On day two the staff were great and welcoming too. I really felt that my opinion had pleasantly changed about m2 and RBH, but then on day 3 i was woken by a midwife – she was very abrupt. She asked where was my urine sample, i said i didn’t know i needed one, then she arrogantly said that i (referring to me) do know, this made me slightly upset that i was spoken down to. I had 3 hours sleep all night before, so excuse me for not thinking when I’m woken. Then she came back 10 mins later and took my urine sample.

She said i had an infection – if she would have read my notes she would have then known that the infection was confirmed the morning before. She then walked to the side of my bed to see a red mark on the floor, she asked me what it was, i told her it was blood and before i got finished what i was saying she was adamant it was jam, even though i don’t even eat jam. She asked the cleaner over and told the cleaner it was jam, i tried to finish my explanation that it was blood from the drip i had in the day before but she undermined me to the cleaner and walked off in a huff.

I was talking to the cleaner and she confirmed it was blood, she said cleaners are not allowed to clean blood up with the same mop as she was using, then the midwife appeared again and started having a go at the cleaner for not putting a bin bag in the kitchen bin, they were disagreeing for about 5 minutes in front of me, the patient. The cleaner was very embarrassed and obviously felt belittled.

Then the doctor arrived and asked me questions and before i had the chance to speak, the midwife interrupted and spoke for me (she was not even accurate on what had been happening, blood loss etc). The doctor asked me how i felt about going home and i said i would like that, but before i had the chance to say anything else the midwife told me to get my stuff ready so i could speak to my doctor.

I told her that she had upset me with the way she treated me. She then apologised which i took as sincere, then 5 mins later i went to the midwives office and she was talking about me to the doctor.

I suppose my point to this is that whilst most midwives are fantastic, lovely and attentive, you will always get rude midwives who need to learn to listen.

I’m not sure if I want to carry on this pregnancy at Bolton hospital anymore.


Received excellent patient care from the A&E…

A couple of weeks I was hit by another driver after he lost control and it was a relatively high impact. The healthcare team that treated me were fantastic. The paramedics who arrived were very friendly and chatty, and had me laughing on the way to the hospital.

In A&E the doctor who was treating me was wonderful. The doctor was very attentive, warm and friendly, and most importantly I felt they were genuinely interested in me as opposed to me being another patient to get seen to quickly and move on. After I’d had my tests, we were waiting for results, they took so long their shift ended but they came to let me know they were leaving but someone else would take me on, and they were still waiting for the report of the scan. This doctor came back once more to check I was ok before they left, at which point I was having a nose bleed, so they came back again and expressed concern and offered me the choice to stay in overnight for observation just to be safe.

The following morning one of the nurses noticed I had been there for a while with no knowledge of what was happening. This nurse was incredibly bubbly and helpful, and started to chase up the report which still hadn’t materialised.

Overall I felt incredibly well cared for, and these particular staff members stood out for me because they were all so friendly that it was almost enjoyable. At the very least I was able to have a laugh with the staff after a very difficult event!

Only small gripe was that when I was discharged there wasn’t any discussion of what I should do. I was given a shoe, an appointment for the next day with a doctor and then left. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised I didn’t know what I was meant to do with a broken foot (ilike is it ok to put weight on it, does the shoe need to be on all day or just when walking) An explanation before I was discharged would have been nice.


I believe my father was released too early due to staff shortages

My father underwent a serious operation to remove metal (from previous surgery) from his spine and have some spacers placed between vertebrae at North Tees Hospital. He went into surgery in the late morning a few days ago and spent longer in recovery that day than originally planned as he reacted badly to the anaesthetic.

He was released early the next morning, with his wound still bleeding as (I believe) the unit was short staffed. This belief is substantiated by the fact that despite him calling for assistance several times (e.g. for a drink or to go to the toilet) before release, no-one came to help.

His wound continued to bleed over the weekend and the pain was extremely bad as he was given no pain killers to take home, other than those he already had. The bleeding was worrying as we were told this should have stopped and being the Easter weekend, it meant 4 days with no access to healthcare services (other than A&E, but that didn’t seem suitable).

It feels like he was released from hospital far too early due to short staffing on the unit and I’m concerned about the quality of care he received whilst there (i.e. no-one helping when needed) and also very limited access to aftercare. If the short staffing was due to holidays around the Easter Holiday, then surely the number of operations handled by that unit should have been reduced to enable them to cope properly with the people they had there.


The lack of compassion from a few nurses

My partner had our daughter 13 wks early. After she bleed out, she lost 2 and a half pints of blood.

After getting transferred to the Kettering hospital the first night, my partner was in her room with three nurses outside talking loud enough to make sure my partner was listening, they said that my partner and our baby didn’t belong there.

How disrespectful can you be!? I’m not happy at all. I have met a few of the nurses at the hospital since and it’s only these three that have behaved in such a poor way.

They are a embarrassment to the hospital. How would they feel if they were in our position?


On the whole the nurses were lovely both day and night

After having a hysterectomy operation i found myself on ward b11, the registrar told me about my surgery.

as it got closer to teatime i was asked if i would like a drink, but i told the lady that she would have to ask a nurse as i had already asked if i could have something about 12ish and was told i would have to wait till later.

I don’t know how busy they had been but when my dad fetched me my bag up at in the late afternoon at visiting time i still had not been washed and i still had my hospital gown on.

I was told that after my op i would get washed by the nurses and i expected to have a sanitary pad on as i was told this surgary can make you bleed. it wasn’t until the next day that i got washed when someone put some washing stuff in a bowl of water for me and passed me my hand towel.

After breakfast the doctor came to see me and i had managed to get myself out of bed and into the chair, i was told that i could have my drip , canular and cathetar removed, so by the afternoon i had all removed and got in the shower.

My bedding had blood on it and luckily they had changed it before i got back in.

On the whole the nurses were lovely both day and night. I thought the drinks ladies, doctors and helpers were nice and polite.

But the fan next to me was covered in dust, but that is just a small thing considering that all the ward, toilets, bathrooms and showers were very clean.

The food provided was ok, but i can’t understand why at breakfast you get a soft breadcake [which i enjoyed] with butter and marmalade with no means of slicing it in half because the knife you get is only any good for spreading with.

yorkshire lass

Pregnancy and miscarriage

started to bleed at around 9-10 weeks pregnant ,went to A&E where i was givin a pregnancy test which was possitive so i was sent upto see the nurses on ward 13 or 14 cant remember which.

I was given an internal exam which the doctor said was fine and my cervix was tightly closed .They sent me home where my other children 14yrs and 11 yrs were waiting for news ….i told them the nurses said it was fine and not to worry .The day after i was sent for a scan to be told there was no heartbeat and the baby only measured 6 weeks. I then had to go home and explain to my girls the baby was dead,this was heartbreaking for us all.

I believe i should have been scanned as soon as i bled as i have had previous miscarriage before this,if i had been given a scan before hand it could have saved my family the pain of being told 1 thing 1 day and a totally horrifying story the day after. ๐Ÿ™


Rude Consultant Urology dept Treliske

I unfortunately had to have a camera into my bladder, I found the consultant to be rude and they never even introduced themselves. They seemed totally unconcerned about the pain I was in.

I left the ward bleeding heavily, no advice was offered, and was told the next day I had been discharged back to my GP.

No advice was offered about pain management, no reassurance was given about the bleeding, and after six months no diagnosis has been given.

I am still passing blood after more than ten days, but after my experience I would rather bleed than go back to Treliske.


Gynaecology appointment at DRI

I had a slight bleed after 6-8 years of no show. I visited my doctor, who gave me an internal check then referred me to the Doncaster Royal Infirmary. Later that day I received a phone call to offer me an appointment. At the appointment, I firstly had an ultrasound – the staff were very good and helped to put me at ease. I then went to gynaecology where, after a short wait, I saw a female Doctor who asked various questions and then performed an internal investigation on me. Again, she was very kind as well. After this, she explained what she had found and what further treatment would be needed.


Amazing care for stroke in A&E and F2 ward

I attended A&E in April 2013, following left sided weakness and facial droop.

I was seen and assessed initially in less than 5 minutes. Following a CT Scan of my brain, which showed a bleed on my brain, I was transferred onto the Ward F2, where I was cared for by the most amazing and professional Doctors, Nurses and Health Care Support Workers.

I was extremely fortunate to make a full recovery, due in no small part to the amazing care I received, from my first attending A&E through to my discharge 9 days later.