The antenatal classes were excellent …

The antenatal classes were excellent and midwives for the birth were lovely

What could be improved

post natally I was left to my own devices apart from being told by night cleaning staff that I was disgusting because my nightdress had blood on it. I was given no breastfeeding help at all despite asking and was treated with exasperation when I refused to give formula or asked for the canula to be removed so I could lift my baby as no one was available to help.

I do not believe that staff are pro breastfeeding or have any training in helping. All the midwives said I would have to stay another night to see the only breastfeeding counsellor by which time my baby would not have fed for 48 hours. How much training are midwives offered? Surely the aims should be for the hospital to offer 24 hour breastfeeding support? Why was I told to offer formula rather than told I could express milk to give my baby? Why was I not told that the epidural might be contributing to the baby being too drowsy to feed effectively? These are all things which I learned about through having to phone a helpline when my baby still was not feeding after 72 hours.