Recovery from complications after angioplasty

My earlier story should have had an additional episode: a happy outcome.

The doctors and nurses were fantastic! Emergency action, expertly delivered, solved the problem. I left Coronary Care Unit the day after the “incident”, very much on the road to full recovery. I honestly believe the thoroughness of the medical staff saved my life. I felt totally reassured-and safe-in their professional care. How can I ever thank you enough!

John Lennon

Waiting was far too long

I have had several heart operations including an Angioplasty. I was given great medical care by the doctors and nurses. I then went into Nottingham City Hospital last week for an Angiogram. I had an appointment for 8.00am so I had no food or water as I was told to fast. To get to the hospital, a driver had been arranged to collect me early which was inconvenient but the driver agreed as I live about 15miles from the hospital. I waited at hospital for a long time and my driver was told to collect me at 1.00pm. However, I had not even had the operation by then. I was in a lot of pain the whole time because I have shingles and also had no food or drink. This made me really mad and I thought that I might discharge myself from hospital but the doctors came to see me and talked me into waiting and having the procedure done. I had the Angiogram and eventually got home at 8.30pm that evening. The waiting around for this was far too long.


My heart attack

Some time before 11/07/12 I had a heart attack. I went to the dropin centre. I was given an ECG and told to go to the General Hospital at Moorgate to be more efficiently looked at.

I was seen by Dr Smith a Cardiac doctor. I was admitted into hospital and told I had had a heart attack. I was asked to have a coronary angiogram and was told I would need stents. So I was sent to the Northern General and was given an angioplasty.


Have my appreciation and thanks

Having recently had an angioplasty and angiogram, and a stent fitted, at Blackburn Hospital, and cataracts seen to at Burnley hospital, I found them both clean and tidy, and very friendly and helpful. I am an insulin dependant diabetic and have for years; I have had all the help I needed. I am not very articulate and have not the roam to mention everyone but from the heart have my appreciation and thanks.


Lack of care for my father

My dad went in for angioplasty/stent; as a result he had to stay overnight. We were told over the phone to visit him on the ward from 2pm; when we arrived he had been moved to another ward.

We struggled to find someone to tell us why he was being kept in but where finally told to come back about 6pm and he should be discharged. We stayed until 4pm then returned 6pm only to find my dad in a distressed situation. It turned out that he had rang the buzzer to ask to go to the toilet (he was told not to get out of the bed on his own). He explained that a member of staff had come and turned his buzzer off and then left without asking him what he wanted; he thought he had pressed it about 20 minutes before we came. I then pressed the buzzer and it was answered after five minutes by a young lady who said this wasn’t her ward but she would ask our nurse to come and see us.

Just under 10 minutes later the nurse came and we explained my father (who is 77) needed the toilet and the nurse insisted he had to use a commode.

They then disappeared and didn’t come back! A further 10 minutes later I found the nurse and said they needed to bring the commode right away or my dad was going to mess the bed, the nurse apologised and said they had forgotten. My father was finally able to go to the bathroom.

During all of this the other nurse assigned to my fathers ward was sitting across the hall in a room with a cup of tea/coffee having what looked like a chat.

We were really concerned about leaving my father overnight on this ward but we had no choice as his blood pressure had dropped quite low and they wanted to keep him in for observation.

Things could not possibly get worse we though …. oh how wrong we were

We phoned as instructed at 8. 30am to be told to call back at 10. 30am after doctors rounds, I went in to work for a couple of hours and then received a panicked call from my mother. My father had called wondering were we were because he had been told at 8am by the day nurse he could go home and the ward would phone his wife (obviously this did not happen).

When I finally got to the ward, we asked for his discharge letter and there was none we were told it was too busy first thing in the morning to do stuff like that.

I believe there are a number of issues the NNUH medical management team and CCGs need to be looking at regarding patient care on this ward;

Lack of dignity and respect around patient care

Lack of communications between patients and families

Work practices within the hospital – namely discharge letters

Perhaps this is something the Director of Nursing could respond to as it is their responsibility.


Congratulations to angio staff at Northern General

Last month I had to attend hospital for an angioplasty.

The weather conditions were really bad as the roads were covered in deep snow. The bus journey to the hospital was horrible! The walk from Herries Road to the ward was also really horrible. We felt like Torville and Dean on untreated roads and foot paths.

Inside the hospital everything was great. The staff were very informative before my operation. After my operation the care and attention could not have been better. Plenty of cups of tea and at lunch time a good salad sandwich (although I think it should have been cheese).

The treatment I received was first class but this was at the sharp end not in the Ivory Towers. Congratulations to the staff on the angio ward.


What would be classed as an emergency

Hi last week on tuesday I came in for a planned angiogram, which resulted in angioplasty during which procedure it eventually transpired I suffered a heart attack and a stroke. I was released Wednesday afternoon with a headache of migraine proportion then readmitted through A&E by my GP on Thursday still with the headache..eventually a cardiologist managed to identify exactly what had occurred and allowed me home on Friday late afternoon.

I offer the following observations from my stay in Derriford

Outside of the Cath Lab, Rarely did anybody say who they were other than I’m a neurologist or I’m a cardiologist and frequently the nurses caring for me did not know theconsultant’s names either. A name badge would help if the staff haven’t the courtesy or can’t be bothered to properly introduce themselves.

In A&E I was called by Lt Kelly who had no respect or caring in him and treated me almost as a slab of meat to be processed. Fortunately once passed into A&E proper my treatment was excellent and certainly was done with caring and compassion If Lt Kelly worked on my staff he would be retrained or moved to another job to ensure that the department was seen to be caring with compassion.

I am more than happy for my comments to be passed to the Medical Officer in charge of MDHU Derriford.


If it wasn’t for all the staff my partner may not be here today

My partner was recently rushed to Harefield Hospital following a heart attack. Before I had even arrived at the Hospital my partner had had his angioplasty done and a stent put in place. I was amazed at the speed of his treatment, as it was only 2 hours from leaving Luton till the end of his procedure.The doctors and nusing staff were all very compassionate and very patient with us, as we did ask alot of questions. If it wasn’t for all at Harefield Hospital my partner may not be here today. Thankyou all so much and keep up your fantastic work.