My personal matters were discussed by some staff members

Whilst admitted to Brockham ward in late March, I was made to feel intimidated by certain staff members who I felt were chatting/gossiping about my private/personal matters with other staff members. I believe the 2 staff members in question were warned many times by a concerned staff nurse who was looking after my best interests and was most certainly adhering to hospital policy. I cannot name the 2 staff members who I overheard gossiping about me throughout my stay. I am an alcoholic in recovery and my children are subject to CP plan so I feel vunerable and am already on anti anxiety meds as prescribed by my GP. I would rather not bother going into hospital and suffer the pain I was trying to get rid of than be publicly humiliated like this


Excellent staff on B3 at QMC

A positive stay, in general, but I didn’t like the mixed ward nor the alcoholic male who was abusive towards staff and other patients.

The food was of a high standard with lots of choice.

The ward and lavatories were very clean. The staff were excellent and the medical treatment was very good.


Empathy Costs Nothing

My partner was finally admitted voluntarily to a psychiatric ward after severl weeks of feeling very low. Although he doesn’t normally drink to excess, whilst depressed he had been using alcohol then taking small overdoses of paracetamol. Twice the police were called out to find him when he disappeared after leaving a suicide note. The A&E department at Medway took hours, in fact the 1st time we went home because we couldn’t tolerate the wait. The 2nd time I had to pop home to collect something – when I returned to A&E the staff my partner was nowhere to be seen. i was afraid he had walked out in to the cold snowy night where the police had fetched him from earlier that evening. I asked the A&E staff where he was but they were very unhelpful. They said ‘oh, it that the alcoholic?’ which really annoyed me because he isn’t an alcoholic. Her attitude was awful – there was no empathy at all. When I asked the sister for her name to complain, she told me but wouldn’t write it down for me and i told her she was putting barriers in my way. Just because staff are busy doesnt mean they can talk disrespectfully to people.

Annoyed in Chatham

I felt i was invisible, and dumped in a wheel…

I was delivered to the RVI by ambulance by 2 paramedics, whom i cannot fault.On arriving at the hospital it was seen i was in a clearly distressed state, after vomiting several times, into my blanket as the sick bags could not be found,I had to push the blanket against my mouth to stop the vomit going all over the ambulance floor.On arrival at the emergency entrance, the sick bags were finally found, but to late for me, i was given a paper towel to wipe my face and clean up.During this most distressing time, i was also suffering massive intense pain impulses in my abdominal area and lower anal area.later this was found to be because of impacted or compacted stools, i had previously explained to the paramedics that i had not had a bowel movement for 4 or 5 days, and the pain was easy level 7 out of ten.On arrival i was checked in on the emergency entrance side, then pushed to the public waiting area in a wheeled chair, and despite asking the paramedics to give me my bag full of medication so i had it by my side to show the doctors what medicine i was on, it never was given to me,So i was dumped in a public area surrounded by people, who could see me bent over double moaning with pain, i waited over 2 hours in pain, before i attempted to wave to numerous personnel behind the reception desk, to try to attract someone’s attention,i find it unbelievable to think that no one took any notice of my arm and hand waving, so that i would be able to have some member of the numerous staff behind the reception desk to come to talk to me.Finally i forced myself to raise from the wheeled chair, to walk or i should say drag my body up to one member of reception staff, to ask how much longer have i to wait, as i felt my anal was going to split apart. on attempting to talk to them, they were talking to one of their colleges , and just waved their hand to me and said, go round the corner and talk to the nurse, i felt humiliated and degraded, i dragged my self to the nurse, they pointed their hand to, who informed me i was next on the list, soon the nurse shouted my name and another persons name, they shouted for me to follow them, i had to shout back as I was some 15 meters away from my chair, i informed them i was not able to walk, and their comment was, and i quote, ” well i cant push the two of you, so they approached a person I know was a alcoholic and took them into the treatment area. it was over another 45 minutes before i was finally approached by a doctor, who was the one to treat me and push me to the treatment room, The other person had started their lunch and forgot about me, This was only after i had dragged myself back to the reception again, to ask have i been forgotten about, Yes i had been!!. finally over three and a half hours after admission i had the enema, to relieve my intense pain, I had flash backs as i was suffering waiting to have the procedure done, as if i was back in a Philippine hospital, been treat like a item such as a bag of rice.



They don’t give care, they sit you down and repeat the same stuff all over again and not actually helping. I’ve been to kings 4 times in the past 3 months due to my mis-diognosis of my mental health condition, and yet they did nothing. I saw Kings College home treatment team, which were just as bad as the nurses and doctors. They accused me of being an alcoholic and a transphobic, when I am trans myself. Its ridiculous the type of treatment that was received on the multiple occasions. Something needs to be done about this horrifying mess. People with mental health need to be helped, not pushed aside and left to deal with it on their own. Some people aren’t strong enough for that. I thank you for all the failed attemps at what you call ‘helping’ because you have motivated me to change the way mental health is dealt with and how your doctors and nurses deal with someone, no matter what or how they’d done something. Thank you, and good day.


the ambulance staff were fantastic …

the ambulance staff were fantastic and care in a&e was spot on, the a&e dr diagnosed what ward drs didnt!!! the staff in the interventional radiotherapy unit were fab, and the cat scan staff were lovely and sympathetic!

What could be improved

1. don’t leave a patient 5 days waiting for a scan because you’ve all messed up the refferal on a daily basis then come round in the morning and ask the patient why you havent had your scan! i dont know i’m the patient!!! not to mention the fact i’m in agony and as result am on strong painkillers 90% of the time.

2. dont leave a patient in a bed with a perforated ulcer for 5 days while some nurses try to feed you others say you cant eat!! this could be resolved by resolving the above(1)!!

3.when finally diagnosed through default, and someone has a massive absess on there liver as a direct result of 1& 2 above dont describe it as ‘a little irritation to your liver’ tell them its an absess! teach nursing staff working on surgical wards it’s not the best idea to to try to make a patient with a perforated duodenal ulcer eat just because ‘ it says so here’. to use basic nursing judgement and there knowledge (if any) of basic anatomy and phisiology to come to the conclusion that if someone has a hole anywhere in there GI tract perhaps it’s best they are NBM.

4.when a post op patient (after laparotomy and repair to ulcer) has a blocked catheter and tells you repeatedly they feel their going to wet the bed because their engorged bladder is trying its damnedest to empty around the tube don’t tell them to ‘just let go, wet the bed and we’ll sort you out when we get to you,’ and leave the patient lying in agony for another 4-5 hours while she holds on because ‘ a patient has died.’ Hmmm! dead or live patient in agony!!! this happened on nights so no excuses please. Then push into the already full to bursting bladder 2x50ml bladder washes, only to decide ‘i think your right luv that needs to come out.’ removed and relieved i am told to pop back up on the bed while they put a new catheter in!!! not a chance!!!

For the first 5 days i’d had no scan or any other diagnotics other than a chest x-ray…bizarre as i was admitted with severe abdo pain!! only when O2 saturations went through the floor they scanned me for a pe…only to discover i’d been lying in bed with a perforated ulcer for 5 days which had caused a plural effusion and a rather large absess on my liver…After my op i contracted pnuemonia which i was told was ‘par for the course’. I was also publicy humiliated by a ward dr who decided i was an alcoholic (therfore this was all my fault) and in front of the whole bay of patients started making drinking jestures and laughing and saying(very loudly) come on your scottish admit it your a party girl you love a good drink!!! for the record i drink very very rarely! I begged for discharge as family members and friends all drs nurses we all decided i would get better care at home on discharge when i asked advice i was told to look it up on the internet!

my outpatient carehas been an absolute farce and now 7 months down the line still in pain am still having to chase scans and mri results. I have not seen my consultant once since this whole fiasco and have only had one appointment with ‘ one of his team’ .

I will be making a formal complaint as this written here is only half the sordid story i am so upset even now at my treatment i tear up with anger, i have worked in the nhs and defended it for years and now i am taking out private health insurance my worst nightmare is the thought of being re admitted.

still in PAIN!!

Mental Health patients get looked over

I am writing this review after my second visit with my very ill mother. The first time I visited NMG was last year my mother is an alcoholic and although people may frown upon this she has a very very good job and is not the stereotypical alcoholic she tried twice to get off the drink herself because she can’t for love nor money get a referral from her GP to go in detox. My mother has massively disturbing seizures when she doesn’t drink so therefor she needs and wants medical help. Last year I took her in to nmg to be seen and they was very ignorant of her condition sometimes I wonder where the compassion Is in society ? Myself and my nana took my 49 year old mother in to be told to go home and carry on drinking? Horrendous. The second time (last night ) was OK much better feedback than last time they kept her in for a night because she could not stop seizures yet soon as morning came she was send on her way again .. My mother has paid in to the pot all her life she is a civil servant and no one will help her, she is dying before my eyes the GP told her to do yoga and drink more water!?? Hence having to go A&E it’s appalling! My mother has mental health issues nearly setting her house on fire and self harming…. She should be sectioned and the hospital just send people home it’s not right. I know that as part of the job description it is important to be caring,compassionate and empathetic to be a nurse ( being a student surgical nurse I am totally caring and I will help when I can to any patient, when I am qualified I will be reporting every one who is in sympathetic and judgemental towards patients let me tell you) it’s like the staff they have on at the moment can’t be arsed!

Student ODP

I was in yesterday for a laparoscopy …

I was in yesterday for a laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy under general anaesthetic. I checked in at 7.45am and went into theatre for 10.30am. All the nurses were brilliant. Albeit you get one nurse assigned to you, they all work as a team. I was interviewed by the nurse, one of the surgeons, the aneasthetic doc and the person who wheels you up to the theatre. I felt much looked after. I was asked if I wanted a hot drink (tea or coffee) and a sandwich after my op. The nurses were very thorough. The ward was clean and tidy. What was really nice was that your partner can hang around until you are discharged. I got discharged at about 2.30pm. The nurses all smile and make sure you are alright. There are alcoholic dispensers on every bedside table.

Anonymous 1

7 Hour A&E visit.

My wife is in the early stages of pregnancy and developed severe cramping and bleeding. We called NHS direct and explained her condition and previous history etc to seek advice on what to do. The chap on the phone said he would pass details to a nurse who would then call us back. When the nurse called back a few moments later she was unaware for the first part of the conversation that my wife was pregnant despite my wife telling the chap from NHS direct this vital piece of information, he omitted to pass this onto the nurse who called us. That was issue one. We were then told by the nurse that it would be best to attend A&E (no surprises there) so off we trotted to A&E, parked up in the hospital car park and paid nearly £10 to park! That was issue two. We booked my wife in and sat down to wait……Two hours later we eventually get seen by a nurse. That was issue three. We were taken through and sat down in a cubicle whilst the nurse walked off and had a heated argument nearby with a colleague regarding the treatment of a previous patient, this was in full hearing and sight of us and other patients which we felt was extremely unprofessional, issue four.NThe nurse then came to assess my wife and whilst doing so complained to us about the colleague she had just been arguing with and also yawned on numerous occasions whilst making her assessment of my wife’s conditions. We all get tired but openly yawning in a patients face is again extremely unprofessional. Issue five and six. The nurse took a urine sample and checked blood pressure and said that it may be a urine infection but does not explain the bleeding so we were sent out again to wait to see a doctor so off we go back into the waiting area. Another Two hours go by and we eventually get seen by a doctor who examined my wife’s abdomen for a few moments and said he needed to speak to a ‘specialist’. Off he went and made a phone call and returned shortly after to say that the ‘specialist’ wanted to see her right away but we would have to go wait again to be called. By this time it is gone midnight and we are both exhausted but off we go to wait again as as we walked out the doctor says the famous last words of “it won’t be long but they will call you”. So another two or three hours go by, during which we witness an alcoholic pretending to have a fit so he can get seen quicker (which he does), the receptionist/clerk having a heated disagreement of opinion with other people waiting in A&E and we also have to sit and put up with the stench coming off a homeless guy asleep at the back of waiting area (taking up a whole row of seats in the process) as no one from the hospital would ask him to leave. Issues seven, eight and nine. We eventually get called again and see someone else (midwife?) . She examines my wife, asks if bloods taken, no! The Dr we saw three hours ago then takes blood and we are told to come back at 9am for scan. Issue ten! Waste of time at A&E but scan was all clear.


positive experience staff treated us like people

i attened with my alcoholic partner who is well known and a nusaince to resourses however the staff we saw today were all courteous and gave a good level of care regardless of there own opinions of the situation we waited like anybody else would but not an excessive length of time before being seen and treated overall a positive experience how it should be credit to the staff who have so many people with so many problems through the department i would recommend in most cases, there have been other times diffrent wards and staff who have looked down on both my partner and myself who doesnt even have a drink problem and i have felt labelled the same these people obviously dont realise that alcoholism is not necessarily always self inflicted but a genuine disease mixed with mental health issues I myself worked in this and other hospitals many years ago and todays experience was overall very good.

Many thanks