Special Care for My Special Needs Daughter

Thank you Childrens A&E at the LGI for your excellent and caring service after my daughter, who has special needs, was brought in scared and distressed after her first severe epileptic fit. Despite being extremely busy every staff member who saw us showed kindness and consideration and treated my daughter with dignity and respect. I saw this same consideration time and time again for other children and their parents during our time in the unit. Nobody wants to spend time in an A&E, but you made this experience a lot easier than it could have been.


TV out of order since September in Clyst Ward

My Mother is currently a patient in the Acute Stroke Unit, Clyst Ward RD&E, Exeter. I have been a regular visitor and noticed a sign on the large flatscreen tv in the Ward Day room that it has been ‘out of order’ since September!

Upon further investigation I was told that the tv worked when the aerial was shared with another ward until we went ‘digital’ then the signal was lost altogether.My question is bearing in mind how important stimulation is to recovering stroke patients WHY has it not been mended in ALL this time?

The Matron has tried unsuccessfully to achieve this and I believe they have hit a brick wall. This is not rocket science, if it cannot be done ‘in-house’ then why have you not called in the appropriate outside engineer to rectify this? I imagine some of the patients are bored out of their minds without any form of stimulation, the wards do not have personal tvs or radio.

I understand some will be too ill to want tv, but it can be watched with the aid of headphones. At the very least the Ward Day room should be somewhere patients an go to find a change of scene. Your immediate attention is required,I will be following your forthcoming actions with interest.

dog with a bone

I commend Tracey and David for my speedy treatment

My uncle was in Tilgate ward, very sick – to the extent, my cousin and I were sleeping by his bedside 24/7.

During this time I developed painful and serve swelling in both legs, which gave me cause for concern.

I asked my uncle’s care team who sent me directly to the emergency room. I explained my situation and sat down resigning myself to a long wait.

Cutting to my reason for writing, I no sooner sat than my name was called. The speed with which I was seen and treated and referred was fantastic!

I would commend Tracey Johnson and David Barton for their treatment! They put a very worried person at ease taking into account my uncle’s situation as well.

Myself and my family would commend them both for my speedy treatment.

With my very best regards


Lodged gall stone since February 2009

I fell in on 14th February this year. By 20th February it was getting serious. I was initially treated for back spasms on 15th February, still in excruciating pain I was told I had pluracy and was given antibiotics on 17th February. I eventually saw a doctor who actually knew that it was and inflamed gallbladder on 20th February. He wanted to admit me to hospital and in hind sight maybe that is what I should have done but he gave me more antibiotics which made a difference by 21st February.

I was still in alot of pain but the inflamation was taken down by the antibiotics. My Doctor asked for an urgent scan and a number of occassions but James Cook hospital in Middlesbrough ignored his urgent messages. I eventually got a scan on 22nd March and still in excruciating pain. There is a large gall stone lodged at the entrance of the gall bladder and this is where all the pain is coming from. I cant function without painkiller and I cant sleep very well so the doctor doesnt think I am fit for work. He referred me to a specialist on 24th March by fax stating that this is an urgent case because I am still in alot of pain.

I eventually saw the specialist on 7th May. Who said what my doctor had already told me the stone and the gallbladder needs removing. I am still waiting for a date for the operation and it is now almost 5 weeks since my consultation with the specialist. I have rang the hospital on numerous occasions but when a specialists secretary goes on holiday all appoints stop till she gets back apparently. I complained that I should be seen within 18 weeks and was transferred to another specialist whos waiting list is shorter. Unfortunatley I cannot be given a date yet because she has now gone on holiday.

After complaints to the secretary and to PALS it doesnt look like I am getting anywhere or even that myself and my doctor are being listened to. It is now 4 months of sleepless nights and constant pain and no urgency from the hospital to help me out. I don’t know who to turn to now for help but I do not think that the NHS has improved in any way regarding waiting lists. If I am not back to work within the next 6 weeks I go onto half pay and who is going to compensate me for that!!!!!!! I dob’t blame anyone for taking out private health care

I only wish I had done it a long time ago but I did have faith in our health service.

I am at the end of my tether and don’t know which way to turn. I even ended up in A& E one day but was left for 6 hours before being sent home and wasnt even offered as much as a pain killer. So forgive me if I don’t applaud our great NHS or Middlesbroughs state of the art hospital. I feel totally let down.


Excellent care in A&E at Manchester Royal Infirmary

I recently had to attend the A&E dept of Manchester Royal Infirmary after injuring my foot/ankle. I was pleasantly and politely received at Reception. I had to wait approx. 40 mins before I was seen by a nurse who promptly sent me for an x-ray. A porter was summoned to take me and he arrived within a couple of minutes. I was x-rayed immediately before returning to the main A&E department. A further wait was necessary before I was seen once more by the same nurse I’d met on arrival. We looked at my x-rays together then I had my ankle treated straight away with a dressing and bandages. In total I was in the dept. for under 2 hours. I was extremely impressed by the speed and efficiency with which I was seen, x-rayed and treated. Each and every member of staff was pleasant, sensitive and very helpful.

I had been concerned on arrival that I would have to wait hours before I was attended to as the dept. was very busy. This was not the case.

I wanted to contribute this positive experience of the hospital as so often only the bad experiences get all the publicity.

Mrs T.

Excellent care

I was recently rushed to A&E at Frimley Park Hospital with severe chest pain, vomiting, migraine type headache and left arm pain.

The ambulance staff were great, the A&E staff were great and the ward staff were also great.

Throughout the experience everyone involved was polite and curtious, informing me at all times what was happening.

I received an exemplary level of care and felt that I was in safe hands.

Many thanks to all those involved.



Information screen in A&E

I recently visited A&E and viewed the large information screen, along the bottom of which was the message – watch this screen for information on waiting times. The information screen showed lots of info including health messages, about the hospital info and even private ads for companies selling products. It showed information about why waiting might be lengthy but at no time did it show any info about waiting times. I have attended other A&E departments in other hospitals where messages are displayed to the effect that the average waiting time is currently “x” hours, minutes, etc. The point of my story is that it is very frustrating to be shown a message relating to one of the most important thing patients want to know, how long they are likely to be waiting and then for the information not to be delivered. Can I suggest that either this is modified or that the scrolling promise at the bottom of the screen is removed?

Just 2 other points, the leaflet dispenser next to the screen was empty and one of the messages said that patients would be told how long they would have to wait but no one at reception gave this advice. The impression is one of promising customer care but not delivering it on the ground. It is obvious that A&E can be a very busy and stressful environment but a little more thought and care for customer information as promised by the Trust’s glossy image would go a long way to helping everyone.

I hope that this story will help the Trust improve its customer services.

im patient

Good food and helpful staff at Tameside

After A&E, I saw the assessment team, I was put in ward 31.

I had broken my left heel and was unable to walk on it so I was getting treatment for this as well as a heart attack I suffered earlier. I stayed at the hospital until doctors were satisfied with my recovery.

The food was excellent and both the day and night staff were helpful. The only problem was that the ward was short of staff so sometimes I had to wait a little longer.

There is the need for more nurses if available.