Problems with my neurology care at Queen’s Hospital, Romford, Essex

I was referred to a neurologist at Queen’s Hospital in 2007. My husband and I feel he misled us into thinking he was going to help me with my pain symptoms (mainly severe head pain, arm numbness along with generally feeling unwell). He seemed pleasant enough at the consultation and reassured us he would get to the bottom of things. A few days later (he and I were conversing via e-mail) I started to get the impression that something was not right. In actual fact this gentleman had discharged me even before he got the results of the blood test(s) back with no further tests.

I accused him of misleading me and he then caused me extra problems by writing to my GP and others, stating that I had a somatisation disorder and needed psychiatric help. This had an effect on my future care with other neurologists as they were very dismissive of my symptoms. I ended up having 2 strokes within 1year to 18 months after this and being diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder whereby I have to take anti-clotting drugs for life. The condition I have has many other symptoms, but covers all the symptoms that were relayed to him.

I have made complaints about this but have been blanked by the board. This gentleman I believe is now going to be lead neurologist. I am in my 40s and the strokes have had quite an impact on my life. and until this gentleman is able to humble himself a little with an apology, I will continue to take matters further.