Poor Service at Great Western Hospital, Swindon

I had a series of tests carried out by Cardiology Dept and 3 months later the results of these tests had not been forwarded to either myself or my GP.

I made several telephone calls to the Cardiology Dept and most of the time the call was answered by a machine and despite leaving a message, nobody ever called me back. I eventually found the email address of one of the Doctors in the Dept and this doctor informed me their secretary would fax the results to my GP…

The results did not arrive and so I chased the Doctor on two further occasions. Again, the doctor said their secretary would be asked to send them through.

At the time of writing another week has passed and neither I nor my GP has any results.

Considering the nature of the tests, it is nothing short of poor professional standards, in my opinion, not to mention the anxiety of not knowing if there is anything wrong or not.