I really admired the way the staff went about their respective tasks, efficiently and courteously

I was admitted to East Surrey Hospital (Cardiology) for a pacemaker implant having been experiencing periods of dizziness and my 24 hour pulse monitor having shown irregular heart beats and stoppage of pulse overnight for periods of almost four seconds (atrial fibrilation). The procedure was done in September by Dr. Saha and I was discharged at lunchtime on Monday.

The attention I received from the medical staff and others throughout my stay was brilliant and I really admired the way they went about their respective tasks, efficiently and courteously.

Josie Wales

Husbands treatment in care home

My husband has dementia with Lewy bodies and his behaviour varies. I have been caring for him for 4 years and finding it very tiring at times. We had a crisis with him getting out of control and the social worker recommended respite care at Burkitt Nursing Home. I explained to him that it was only for 2 weeks. He did not settle and did some damage in the home. The social worker did not ring me about it until 5 days later, she said she was too busy. I visited him every day and did not like how he was treated. I took him out a week after he went in to give him a change and he walked round Asdas. I had a visit from a different social worker who said the home were happy to keep him longer but I said I would pick him up at the end of his two weeks. He could hardly walk to the car and we got him home where he collapsed. I thought he was sedated. Later I phone the doctor who said to call the after hours service who came and had him taken straight to hospital, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham where they found he had a blood infection, bladder infection, dehydrated, bed sores and bruises and nearly died.

He was on a drip for several days and injections and survived. He was very weak and thin but gradually got better but still weak. The therapist said he did not think he would walk again which I thought was expecting him to do much too soon. After 5 weeks after an argument with the hospital social worker who said I would not cope, I have him at home. He has two support devices for walking but can now get upstairs and is much better. They prescribed Mirtazapine without telling me which I have not given to him. They said he was depressed, (he was fed up with being in hospital, and cried) I am paying privately for carers to wash and shower him. I am afraid I do not get on with social workers – what do they do? Do they ever follow up how patients are when they leave hospital? My husband is going to a day centre once a week, and has enjoyed a meal out today, his appetite is enormous and I hope he will gain his weight back.


I constantly had to get out of bed to get help for an elderly lady

I was recently in hospital for personal reasons but what I want to say is the treatment of another patient who was in the opposite bed to me. She was a very elderly lady who was very confused as to where she was and kept trying to get out of bed. I constantly had to get out of bed or use the emergency call button to get her some help as the nurses were just not around and they were well aware of what this elderly lady was doing. I’m not saying that the nurses were neglectful but perhaps very understaffed.


Poor customer service

I was waiting to check in with my partner for physiotherapy, the normal e-regsitration wasnt working, there were 2 receptionists, one had her window closed. The queue to regsiter was getting really long, We waited 15 minutes. when we got to the receptionists open window, she stated that we could have gone to the other receptionist who’s window was closed.

I pointed out that the receptionist should open her window and look like she was ready to accept people, and perhaps she should have opened her window and encouraged people to use her as she wasnt doing anything else.

The physio staff are excellent but this poor reception just puts you off and doesnt look or feel very professional.


A blood clot in my leg (DVT)

What was good:

– after I was re-measured, I was really upset that I could not get help from hospital; but my GP got me access to the correct sized RAL class 2 stockings to help me avoid post thrombosis syndrome.

– my physio returned my telephone call to give me new exercises when I got stressed about my walking not improving.

– Until December 2012, my GP had a superb computer booking system that allowed patients to book online. And view appointments online. It was invaluable throughout the INR testing.

– The convenience and ease in that INR testing could be done through my GP surgery, rather than needing to visit Addenbrookes.

What could have been done better:

– A and E or my GP or CamDoc could have taken my symptoms seriously, and helped me get an earlier (DVT) diagnosis. I was in a lot of pain, for a five-week period. And my leg was swollen and useless for months, possibly as a result of the delay in getting access to warfarin treatment.

– Addenbrookes Thrombosis Treatment Team/Anti-Coagulation Team could have given me access to a DVT Consultant, or someone that could examine my leg, explain my DVT and help advise what was stopping me walking. My leg was swollen, cold, bent, and I could not move my toes.

– Other than the first ten days when I was visiting the TTT and could ask the nurses questions (they just told me that everyone was different, and some people can’t walk, and when I mentioned chest pains and my other leg also being swollen and hurting, they told me it was unlikely I had another clot and failed to help me), I had no access to care/advise during my three months on warfarin and that made the whole process a lot more stressful than it needed to be.

– Addenbrookes could have had a DVT Consultant talk to me, and discuss my treatment, and concerns, before sending out a standard letter to take me off warfarin, without any interaction with me over a period of months.

– My walking got worse after I discontinued warfarin, and I had no contact to seek help, guidance or advice.

– Bupa could have communicated promptly with the Thrombosis Treatment Team to make sure that I got access to the treatment that I needed.

– My GP could have liaised with me regularly, and kindly. Rather than initially shouting at me, then at subsequent appointments watching the clock during appointments, and at another appointment suggesting taking away an MSK referral when the nurse insisted that I see a GP for chest pain.

– My GP could have retained their – superb – online booking system, after the December 2012 computer upgrade.


On the ward after an endoscopy

In January 2012 I was admitted to the ward as a result of having an endoscopy. The day nurses were excellent in every way, but the night staff, one nurse in particular was very curt with me. I was on a drip for 3 days and nights. I am only able to sleep on my left side and on one occasion the drip came out causing blood to seep onto the sheets and pillows. I felt I was told off like a naughty child (I am 77 years old) and my right hand was tied to the side of the bed. I could not sleep and had a very uncomfortable night.

On the reverse, I fell from my bed and all the staff could not do enough for me. I was not hurt but a lady came later that night to check on me (I have ms and can fall without warning).


Excellent team at Good Hope Hospital

I would like to say that they have an excellent team at the Gynaecology Unit at Good Hope Hospital.

I had never been in hospital or had an operation before only to have my two children. I was feeling very frightened and scared, the Doctor was excellent and his team on ward 2. I could not have had any better support and care even if I had gone private. Even on the the one day (after my hysterectomy operation) they were short staffed and it didn’t affect the care and support that was given.

All I can say- Excellent team work!


We will never be able to express how extremely grateful we both are

I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the care my partner has received from the staff at the QMC. He was transferred via air ambulance just over 3 years ago after a near fatal crash.

The one thing I am forever thankful for is that he was taken to the QMC at Nottingham. He was very poorly and the AICU unit staff was fantastic.

However his recovery was a long term journey culminating in his discharge today.

I would like to highlight the dedication, skill and amazing care we have experienced over the three years. Mr Forward, our orthopeadic consultant, worked on my partner from the time he was admitted and he has been amazing. He has explained everything to us clearly and honestly but with compassion. We have had some scary times but Mr Forward has always been supportive. He came into hospital on his days off and was always available to discuss his care.

My partner was moved onto ward F19 (now ward C5) and all the staff on the ward were wonderful. They fully involved me in his care, allowed me to be with him out of visiting times when very poorly, encouraged me to help with personal care duties and always treated us with respect and kindness. The staff on C5 and Mr Forward gave my partner his life back and we will never be able to express how extremely grateful we both are.

I wanted to share our experiences so that these wonderful professionals are recognised for the differences they make.

So thank you for everything.


Treatment delivered with care at a time of great stress

We were on holiday when my mum took ill and we had to call 999.

We cannot thank enough the people who delivered care to our mum so quickly, from the staff in A/E to Ward D56 and then onto City Hospital. Diagnosis was so quick and treatment delivered with such care and compassion at a time of great stress for us as a family.

We are eternally grateful.


Made to feel at ease for my mammogram

I attended The Burney Breast Clinic at St. Helens Hospital for a routine mammogram.

I was a bit apprehensive about going but once I booked in at the reception I was made to feel at ease by each member of staff and the whole experience only lasted about 10 minutes.

I urge anyone who is due to have a check up to go and have it done. It just may save your life.

Well done Burney Breast Clinic.