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I have just visited the Fracture Clinic at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. On the whole this was a good experience. The department is very modern and clean and the toilet facilities are exceptional. The nursing staff were friendly and the consultant excellent. I feel, though, I could have been dealt with at reception in a more friendly manner.

The receptionist was very efficient but robotic. She didn’t smile once, in fact hardly looked at me. I have done this job myself at another hospital and remember receiving training on how to be friendly and empathetic with the patient. I would like to think this would come naturally to me anyway as I enjoyed working with people but I got the feeling today that this women had contempt for me rather than empathy. This is not the first time I have been disappointed by the way I have been dealt with by receptionists at DRI and I wonder if their training is given a low priority.

I know it’s the standard of medical care that really matters and on the whole DRI is, in my opinion, a good hospital but with a little improvement at front desk it could be an excellent hospital.


Feedback on “Outpatients Appointment”

  1. Thank you for your feedback about reception staff. I raised it during a regular meeting where we talk about the quality of patient care and the services we provide to outpatients. As a result, we agreed to look at how we train and support frontline staff in delivering the kind of friendly and empathetic service that is so important to our patients and visitors, as you quite rightly point out.

    Since then, I’ve spoken to our Training & Development team about how we can do this. Our reception staff do already have customer care training but we’ve decided we should also run some workshops that are specially tailored to their roles. We’re going to use real patient feedback in these workshops with live examples of patients’ observations and experiences taken from actual complaints and comments.

    I agree that we should invest more time on the ‘front of house’ aspect of care and once again I thank you for raising this with us.


    Gill Waddington

    General Manager, Outpatients

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