Outpatient appointments need to suit the patient

I have never had a great experience with my appointments. I work full-time and I need to fit my appointments in to my work commitments.

When you leave the clinic they won’t let you book, so you have no way of planning the next appointment. Then they eventually send you a letter asking you to ring to book one. If you fail to ring in time they send you a vaguely threatening one to say you will be discharged (what if you are on holiday or similar?).

I rang as requested to book an appointment. I had my work diary and the lady on the phone was really helpful – we worked out when I could fit it in and when there was a free slot – amazing. This was booked on 10th April for 24th May.

I am thinking we are doing really well, only then to receive a letter dated 11th April to bring my appointment forward to 17th May, a date that I can’t make. There is no choice – I am just moved.

I thought we were making progress by at least being able to chose a date, only to find we have gone backwards again and I am just issued with a changed date.

By the way – an explanation for why its been changed would be welcome too!


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