My personal matters were discussed by some staff members

Whilst admitted to Brockham ward in late March, I was made to feel intimidated by certain staff members who I felt were chatting/gossiping about my private/personal matters with other staff members. I believe the 2 staff members in question were warned many times by a concerned staff nurse who was looking after my best interests and was most certainly adhering to hospital policy. I cannot name the 2 staff members who I overheard gossiping about me throughout my stay. I am an alcoholic in recovery and my children are subject to CP plan so I feel vunerable and am already on anti anxiety meds as prescribed by my GP. I would rather not bother going into hospital and suffer the pain I was trying to get rid of than be publicly humiliated like this


Feedback on “My personal matters were discussed by some staff members”

  1. Dear Habiba,

    I am very sorry that you have had such a negative experience on Brockham Ward, this is certainly not the normal standard of care that this nursing team delivers.

    I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns so that I can ensure the ward team are aware of your experience and take the necessary steps to prevent this happening again. I will in any case discuss this with the Matron and Nurse in Charge of the ward.

    I can be contacted on 01737 231813

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