My mother’s care following a fatal stroke

My mother was taken by ambulance to East Surrey Hospital straight into the care of the Acute Stroke Unit. She was admitted to Chaldon Ward.

Every single member of staff on the ward with whom we came into contact treated my mother and the family with kindness, compassion and professionalism for the two weeks until her death. The nursing care was excellent, nothing was too much trouble, and the family were involved at all times. It was immediately evident that staff morale was high and everyone was well motivated.

The standard of cleanliness also seemed to be very good. I am unable to comment on the meals as we were not involved.

Chaldon Ward is a shining example of how every health service ward should be. How do they maintain their high standards and morale? I suspect it is the ward management and if so, how can this be used to help other managers.

I trained as an SRN in the 1970’s and have recently despaired that we would ever again reach the standards of those days. But it can be done and Chaldon Ward proves it!


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  1. Please accept our condolences on the loss of your mother. Your lovely comments will be passed to the team on Chaldon Ward. They are a dedicated and committed team and I know they will appreciate receiving such good feedback.

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