Look out for your husband

My husband was admitted to the stroke ward following a second stroke.

Tuesday I arrived just after midday. They let me go in early to help him as he is paralysed on the left side. He was sitting out of bed (his bedhead instruction said sit out 30 minutes) in his pyjamas by a window, was very cold and on the point of collapse. I asked for help to get him into bed.

His meal arrived but he was by then asleep. It was taken away again. At 4pm I went and bought him a cup of tea from the restaurant. At tea time he was offered soup and a sandwich. No other drink.

He was there a week and did not have a jug of water on his table throughout that time.

In the next bed was a very poorly man. His daughter said to me: “Look out for your husband, our father was left sitting out getting cold and caught pneumonia.” He died the next day.


Feedback on “Look out for your husband”

  1. I am very sorry to hear of your poor experience within our Acute Stroke Unit. The Trust has worked extremely hard and made significant improvements to all aspects of nutrition and hydration for our patients. I would welcome an opportunity to meet up with you to discuss your concerns, and explain the changes we have made.

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