I was really impressed with ward C31

I was admitted to QMC for a pelvic floor repair. I went into C31 on the 10th march and was discharged on 17th. I must say everything in that ward was very good. Staff were kind and caring. Cleaning on the ward was excellent as the toilets and shower rooms were cleaned to a very high standard. Certain cleaning items (wipes etc) were in there as patients could keep up the cleaning standards. I was really impressed with C31. However, I had to go back in on the 19th and stayed in B3 ward over night. Staff there were kind and caring. It as fairly clean there but the toilets and shower rooms were not very clean. It was nothing like the standards of C31! My opinion is if one ward has set a good standard, surely the others can.


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  1. Dear Nearby18

    Many thanks for posting your experiences of NUH Queens Campus.

    It is really valuable for us to hear about patients experiences, in your case the positive as well as what could be improved. Principia are currently working with Nottingham University Hospital to ensure that patient experiences recorded on the Osteoplan site are shared and acted upon.

    Principia is a social enterprise, which means that it is a business that delivers services for the local community by involving the local community, in this case in health. The posting of opinions on this website is valuable in evaluating current services to inform the planning of future service provision.

    To find out more about us please visit us at http://www.principia.nhs.uk

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