Doncaster royal infirmary

admitted with pneumonia and kept being moved to different wards where i found some dirty rooms.

10pm one night I was moved to a ward and was sat in a chair for 2 hours whilst I waited for a bed with a mattress on it. where the bed was to go, there was a big stain on the floor which I asked the staff to clean up and they replied that it was only coffee (not sorry I’ll clean that up as i would have expected).

The admission ward was beautiful but i felt that after that the wards went downhill .eg in one ward, dementia patients were shouting during the night and clogging toilets up with stools. men and women were on the same ward, also at meal time a lady in one ward was having a stroke halfway through her tea, the staff food server went to her and took her food away oblivious, that was when I pressed the call nurse button.

I found the inpatient experience frightening, disturbing and disorientating – a very unpleasant experience even though the doctors were very good.


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