Discouraged from breastfeeding by breastfeeding clinic!

I attended the breastfeeding drop in clinic at St Mary’s, Paddington when my daughter (now 11 months) was 6 weeks old, as I knew things weren’t quite right. I was told that her attachment to the breast was so poor that the only way we could continue to breastfeed was by expressing after every feed and giving her the expressed milk in a bottle, and that she was too old to improve her habits.

I decided to ignore this advice, as it seemed that as she was growing normally things couldn’t be as bad as all that, and I knew I couldn’t cope with the expressing. I’m glad I did as we have only just given up breastfeeding now, ten months later, and my daughter has continued to grow well, and is extremely healthy. I am still shocked that a clinic supposed to help support breastfeeding was so discouraging.


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