Waiting time for a procedure recently

My appointment for a cystoscopy last month was a shambles. My appointment time was 3.30. On arrival I was directed to a waiting room to be booked in. One and three quarter hours later I was booked in. At 7.30pm I was called for my procedure. At 7.45 I was back in the waiting room, procedure complete. I Left the hospital at 8.00pm after waiting for the required paperwork. Everyone that day was given a 3.30 appointment. Based on the knowledge that there are only 3 scopes that must have a 40 minute sterilisation process after each patient, it is a simple math that would tell you that after 3 patients, any further patients would have to wait 40 minutes. Surely the admin team making appointments would know this and therefore stagger the appointment times. This was not the case and I had to remain in the hospital for 4.5 hours as I was the last patient on the list of 10! This is surely patient care at its worst for which the admin team should take full responsibility. I have attended this hospital for this procedure over the last three years and this is the first time I have been subjected to this inefficiency.


Pain clinic

I waited ages for an appointment and got a cancellation after two months.

The building is pretty decrepit.

I wasn’t given any options relating to pain management.

I was told I could have a treatment I hadw already had which had proved useless. When I asked how long I would wait for this I was greeted with a shrug. I was given a tatty badly photocopied leaflet about an alternative with no information about outcomes. I will be doing my best to get to another clinic. I felt really demoralised by my visit.


still waiting

I’ve been waiting since November 2014 for a follow up phone consultation regarding my back injections. However did get a letter last month telling me that last year some 300 people were on the list but no longer needed further treatment, how do they know if they don’t contact you at the moment having to use a stick to walk and get up.


Cancelled Surgery

I was told in February that I needed major surgery to replace the veins in my Pelvis and legs. The first appointment was booked for May, I had my pre-op and admission date. On the morning of my admission I received a telephone call to advise that my surgery had been cancelled due to the Surgeon having to have surgery. I was given a new date in June and again this was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. I then received another date of July, having to have another pre-op. On the morning of my surgery I again received a telephone call telling me that I had a date for Surgery in August. I was totally shocked and asked if my surgery had been cancelled again. I was told that yes it had been.

I work full time and my workplace had arranged for cover for me as I am expecting to be off for approximately 6 weeks. I had to arrange for my dog to be boarded out, my family had arranged every time I had an appointment to book time off work. I have had to cancel a family holiday at the end of August because I would be unable to fly causing inconvenience to the other members of my family and losing part of the money I had already paid for the holiday.

Is there any limit to the amount of times surgery can be cancelled


Plastic Surgery at Wythenshawe

I hated my treatment at Wythenshawe. I was appauled at the lack of dignity and care I was given whilst having my consultation. I was put in a room given a gown and then I felt I was forgotten for 2 hours 15 mintues. I had two nurses and a doctor pop there head in saying we’ve not forgotten you” which in my opinion was disgusting. My opinions were disregarded and I left feeling annoyed and disgusted at my treatment. After this experience I would never recommend or go back to this hospital.


Excellent care after diagnosis of testicular cancer

My husband was seen quickly with a testicular lump by Mr Sangar in one of his outpatient clinics at Withington Hospital. Nr Sangar advised us that he was certain it was testicular cancer.

My husband was quickly referred that same morning for all the pre-operation tests. All the tests were performed that morning at the community clinic and the chest x-ray was sent electronically to the consultant. The team were so organised and had him admitted three days later for surgery. The speed of the service was fantastic and everyone was so focused on providing an excellent service.

Mr Sangar’s secretary was really helpful and efficient. The Mcmillian Cancer Nurses were so caring. They even phoned us on route to the hospital to tell us the result of some blood tests and came to the ward on serveral occasions to offer my husband support.

The lump was later confirmed as cancer, and my husband and I are so pleased about the prompt service that the hospital put in place especially as it had spread to his lymph glands and he was then able to get treated at the Christies with chemotherapy. When you think you have cancer it is really frightening and you really appreciate a fast caring service that knows exactly what they are doing.

Mrs C

How do you say “thank you” and mean it?

I was admitted to Wythenshawe Hospital early last year, My heel had become necrotic due to failure of the blood supply to my left heel, I spent time on Ward A1, then moved to A2, Plastic Surgery, under the care of Miss Lees, she operated on me and I was informed in detail of every developmentl,( the good and the bad).and removed the gangrene which had developed.

The entire staff on A2 were terrific with their care and attention to me. I felt I was treated with respect and compassion, being reassured always by Miss Lees and her staff, as amputation of my leg was more than possible. After a few weeks I moved to ward A3,(vascular) I again received excellent treatment under the care of Mr Goshe, the nursing staff were fantastic with good humour and care ,always helpful, and always overworked, again I was in there for a few weeks, and returned to A2 Plastic surgery for another few weeks, with further operations.

I continued to have the same attention every minute of every day.I was discharged after twelve weeks.and have continued to have the close supervision of Miss Lees and Sister Byford and her staff on Problem Wounds. My leg is healing well. I will always be indebted to Miss Lees for her reassurance and expertise at times when my spirits were low. I had no previous experience of hospital, I am amazed at the skill and dedication of the staff on Wards A2 and A3, and of the Consultants Miss Lees and Mr Goshe, my care has been wonderful .

I have the greatest admiration of the hospital and the NHS. It is quite obvious, the expenditure cuts are taking the toll,with short staffing, but the dedication of the staff is outstanding, I witnessed it on many occasions, their breaks were forfeighted and they stayed after finishing time to complete paper work, but never to the detriment of the patients.

How do you say “Thank you” and mean it ??


3p per meal

I have been in Wythenshawe hospital since Thurs (4 days). I am amazed that this unbelievably poor standard of food is given out on wards that have notice boards dedicated to telling us about patients food needs and how to present, prepare and generally make sure patients receive nutritional care. The one meal I asked for, on my first day, arrived on a paper plate and consisted of (I kid you not) five cold chips and a single spoon of a green substance I presume was peas.

I could quite easily make 100 similar portions (only warm) comfortably for around £3.00. Do yourself a favour Wythenshawe, instead of spending time and money laminating and displaying patient food charters to satisfy whatever ISO or equivalent quality assurance you have to meet, spend the money on food, not propaganda. I like some am fortunate to have food brought in, but I am disgusted that many are not as fortunate and subsequently could be under-nourished.

William H.

The safe birth of my son

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the midwifes and staff in Wythenshaw who kept me and my son safe during his birth. Giving birth (in a worldwide perspective) is a fairly dangerous thing to do! The antenatal care offered and the facilities available to deliver my baby in safely, are such a privilege and I am truly grateful.

Thank you to all the staff, mainly the midwifes but also the registrar and the other staff who work in the maternity unit.


Amazing staff

I was admitted to maternity as a readmission after the birth of my son with serious bleeding. I was looked after incredibly well and all the staff from triage to surgery to critical care and later on c2 postnatal ward were fantastic.

I felt cared for and would recommend this dept to anyone.

I was also so well looked after during the birth of my son 10 days earlier and since via the gotodoc service. I called 111 and recieved a timed appointment within the hour.

I went to a&e with chest pains just after the birth of my son and everything was checked and tested with care.

I feel that all staff were passionate and caring and that the nhs gets a v bad review most of the time which is unfair. I am so grateful for my care.