I can find no fault in the service that I received

I can find no fault in the service that I received. A referral within a couple of weeks to the Cardiology Department at Princess Royal Hospital resulted in the offer of a convenient appointment.

I was seen exactly on time by an efficient and extremely pleasant member of the medical staff. Well done, thank you.


Helpful and reassuring consultant at Princess Royal Hospital

Came to clinic at Princess Royal Hospital in December. My appointment was with Mr Rols (Consultant). Very nice and helpful and reassuring and he confirmed I needed surgery on my left ankle, and that he would be happy to carry out the procedure. We were in the clinic for just an hour and that included X-rays. Very good.


Rude audiologist

I saw an Audiologist at Telford Princess Royal Hospital last week to fit new digital hearing aids. Not seen this audiologist before, they:

1. Yelled my name out in waiting room (bonus points for lacking deaf awareness in my opinion)

2. Told me off for daring to want hearing aids that were not god awful brown colour (my new ones are purple and red).

3. Yelled ‘can you hear me’ when they were fitted.

4. Told me off for stock piling hearing aid batteries and gave me 2 packets – I know for a fact that each battery doesn’t last a week in each aid so a packet lasts 3 weeks. I work, why should I have to go to the hospital every time I need new batteries. I have to take time off work to go.

5. Told me I should not have been given different coloured hearing aids, only kids get them and even then rarely.

6. Made me sit with testing equipment on when it was uncomfortable.

7. Decided the settings on my aids (surround sound, induction loop, directional eg noisy situations) without asking me and when I challenged them they said ‘what order do you want them in then’ really sharply.

8. Insisted on crossing out the pages not relevant to my digital aids. A) I am not stupid and B) it is insulting to be treated like you are stupid. I didn’t want the audiologist to write the settings in, I asked for it in a separate piece of paper because I knew they would be changed the following week.

9. Told me they were setting the sounds lower so to save what hearing I had

10. Said my current aids were unsuitable for my hearing loss (which I feel is absolute rubbish, I’m getting new ones to work with my mobile phone)

In all I found this person patronising, I felt they were arrogant and completely rude.

They concluded the appointment by saying it was over ‘because I have things to do’.

I’m returning next week to see my usual audiologist and will be making a complaint.