Major surgery

In November 2012 I had an hysterectomy. I was admitted on the womens health unit at Tameside General Hospital, under the care of Dr Hanna and his team.

On the day of my surgery all the staff were very kind and supportive towards me, as I was very nervous and anxious.

The after care I recieved was excellent. Each nurse that looked after me always introduced themselves, and would go out of their way to help and assist me to the bathroom etc…

It annoys me that the hospital is always getting negative comments.

All the staff work very hard and long hours, and should be given more credit.

Thank you to Dr Hanna and all the team for all your kindness and support throughout my operation.


The birth of our second child

An emergency section was carried at the birth of my daughter.

I was impressed by the professionalism and compassion of the labour ward staff at Tameside hospital. The doctor who carried out the section was very apologetic about a tiny nick on Ellie’s face, but the fact is that without surgical intervention our daughter would not have survived the birth.

I realise that these procedures are routine, but that doesn’t lessen the sense of gratitude and thanks that we owe to these life savers.

Tameside hospital has received plenty of bad press over the years, but in our experience we have nothing but praise for the dedicated people who work there.


Really pleased with the Cardiovascular team at Tameside General Hospital

After attending A&E and being allowed to return home with chest pain, I received a call the day after from appointments saying I needed to go back in the following week.

On arrival to the cardio out patients, I received an ECG all within 15 minutes of arrival I was then seen and the findings were discussed with me.

The team have updated my GP within a week and I am really pleased with the service I received from the team.

Job yuck

Great day surgery team inspired confidence

Had just over a week to wait for my appointment. The whole team were very welcoming and reassuring. Loved meeting and talking with the Dr and the anaesthetist. Once again they were thorough and inspired confidence.

Thanks to the whole unit and Mr. Bhalla’s team, especially Gail, theatre nurse, Daniel and Dr Alysonn, anaesthetists and Dr. Shekker? the cool looking red headed Dr from ENT!


Good food and helpful staff at Tameside

After A&E, I saw the assessment team, I was put in ward 31.

I had broken my left heel and was unable to walk on it so I was getting treatment for this as well as a heart attack I suffered earlier. I stayed at the hospital until doctors were satisfied with my recovery.

The food was excellent and both the day and night staff were helpful. The only problem was that the ward was short of staff so sometimes I had to wait a little longer.

There is the need for more nurses if available.


I found my stay in this hospital to be good and of high standard

I found my stay in this hospital to be good and of high standard. Th nurses and staff were at high standard and willing to help at all times. the doctors were of high standard and willing to help with whatever problem you had,

One request i would like to ask is that a chart be made on display for diabetics who have to check on meal times. Thank you