Poor nursing.

My father in law was admitted to Sunderland Royal Hospital ward E53. I found the medical staff to be very good. Good at communicating and caring.

Some of the nursing staff on the other hand were unprofessional and very uncaring.

My father in law was put onto the Liverpool care pathway and it was explained by the doctor who was very good.

After this discussion we were asked if there was anything we wanted so I requested a side room as his breathing was noisy and thought it would be more pleasant for us and him and the other patients. This was on the Saturday and we were told by a male staff nurse that the bed manager said there wouldn’t be one available until Monday which as he was only to survive until Monday seemed a bit late. I suggested another ward or moving out a fitter patient but said that was not feasible. A room did come available on the Sunday however. I did wonder if he would ever have got a room if I hadn’t pestered.

He was having sedation as he was rather agitated at times so I asked the nurse at the nurses station if he could have some and be turned at the same time. 40 minutes later it hadn’t arrived so my husband went to ask again and the nurse said she hadn’t been to get it due to being too busy. It arrived in the next 5 mins. I feel it is too long to wait, thankfully it wasn’t analgesia. We asked for him to be turned as it had been 6 hours she said she would be back. 10 mins later she did not appear so we did it ourselves. When she did appear, I wasn’t very happy and asked her how often she thought he should be moved and she said 4 hourly even though 6 hours had lapsed. He certainly wasn’t given 4 hourly turns for pressure care.

Ways in which they could improve care: – when the doctor takes the family into a room and discusses the Liverpool Pathway, a nurse should also be present so that she can tell you what the nursing care pathway will be. What we were promised from the doctor about the nursing care was certainly not the case. Once he was deemed as terminal, we never saw nurses for dust.

When in a side room with a dying, patient relatives need support as well. A nurses head put round the door every hour or so to see if the patient is ok wouldn’t kill them surely and would show caring and compassion for others which apparently is sadly missing in the trained nurses.

The sister appeared on the Monday on the ward. Her desk was opposite the room we were in. She never once came to introduce herself or look in on my father in law which I thought was very unprofessional and uncaring. The other nurses didn’t either. We had to go and find them if we wanted anything and then wait. I felt as though we had been put in a room and left to our own devices with no care for the dying in place.

My husband was concerned about leaving at night because nobody was coming in through the day for about 6 hours and that was when we were there. What hope did he have of getting any attention at night? The most friendly and attentive staff were the support workers and the domestic staff who did dare to venture into the room to ask if we wanted cups of tea. Thank you.

All in all a very frustrating and disappointing hospital stay. Highly disappointed in the qualified staff and feel they put nursing into disrepute. My father in law did die and needless to say we didn’t get there in time. They said there was someone with him but am loathe to believe them as to how little attention they gave him through the day.


My observation of the management, medical treatment and care on C35 plus b26

The medical staff were excellent on both wards, they worked with compassion, and professionalism. However, they had too much to do.

The reason that the hospital gets such bad press is the staff do not have time to do the little things that are important to people. These are simple tasks, like providing a drink when required, help with slippers, or the need to be changed when requested. The staff are prioritizing all the time.

A patient became very distressed when left in her own faeces, because the nursing staff had to see to someone else who required their attention more than she did. Perhaps they could employ some young staff who could do some of the care elements on the ward.

ali g

My mother’s condition is deteriorating

My mother who is 86 has slight dementia and is on medication. She was doing quite well and self caring. She recently had a bad relapse and the GP thought it could be a water infection and antibiotics were given at home. However, her condition deteriorated and she was and still is in Sunderland Royal. Since admission she has had several falls and antibiotics have ceased. We have requested a further water test on several occasions and I feel this is being delayed. She should also be receiving immodium and very plain diet as her tummy is easily upset. I have told the staff this on several occasions and I found out on my visit recently that they were unaware and had given her sausage for breakfast and didn’t realise why she couldn’t eat it. As a result, they have her in a side ward in incontinence pants and she seems to me to be loosing weight fast and has the runs. I think this is partly due to no one knowing the basics of her diet or time to take her to the loo.

She talked to me and was so concerned about the situation as a whole. I took her to the loo and put clean stuff on and she seemed so much better. Although still sometimes confused, I do not think she is as bad as some of the staff make out. In my opinion, she is not receiving the basic nursing care or nutrition she needs. As a little extra she has also now lost glasses and a bed jacket. I think she should be helped to the loo as she is unsteady on her feet, and she has never needed incontinence pads in her life. I feel this side of things is due to wrong food, not being fed the proper diet. I do not feel that I can accept any excuses for this situation as it seems to me all stem from patient care and basic nursing and nutrition knowledge. We all thought she was being cared for in the right place but I feel seriously in doubt about this now.


I am losing weight due to the pain and discomfort

Still in severe dental pain. Dentist referred me to the Sunderland Royal Hospital 6 weeks ago and after phoning the hospital on several occasions have eventually got an appointment.

My dentist faxed the hospital for an emergency appointment only to be given one the week before my original appointment, so still having to wait another three weeks before i am seen

The appointment is only for a consultant to advise the dentist what to go ahead with but in the meantime have to suffer constant pain which is making my life hell. I am losing weight through the fact of the pain and discomfort.

upset patient

Mam’s treatment

Have to say from the start that the majority of the staff, especially one doctor and a lot of the nurses were brilliant compared to the treatment my Mam received in University Hospital Durham.

Mam was transferred to the renal unit from there in early June, she was there for 6 days all told. On the third day her condition rapidly deteriorated (Saturday), on the Sunday we got a call at lunchtime from the hospital (which was a nightmare to get through to by telephone by the way, even the hospital room telephone which you pay for was not working and the ward telephone was “off the hook for some reason”).

The Doctor who had seen Mam on Sunday wanted to see her family before he finished his rounds at 2pm. We immediately went to the hospital, and waited until around 3pm + before the Dr decided to grace us.

What I heard said, in front of Mam (a 79yr old decent, lovely woman) was quite frankly totally unnecessary and out of order. To quote, “the chances of death between hospital and home are high”. This was said in front of my Mam, in front of myself, brother and disabled sister. It was more or less said that he had stopped all treatment as “it is not necessary”, i.e. it’s a waste of time.

Mam died only 3 days from being released from this hospital on the Tuesday and I hope to never have to see any of my family go through what she went through and be spoken to and about like this ever again.

Even district nurses who attended afterwards at home were shocked that she was sent home, more or less to die (which we did not really realise at the time) without proper medical interventions in place.

It is about time that the NHS treated older people with proper respect and dignity and stopped treating them as an inconveinience.


Diagnosis confusion at Sunderland Royal

I am a truthful person, but also really scared for my health. I am really nervous writing this – but here goes…

I have had health problems for a number of years. At first, I was able to carry on working – until quite recently. I was diagnosed with different conditions over the years, but nothing seemed to quite explain the different problems I was experiencing. But l I was sent to see a consultant for a certain condition. ‘At last ‘ I finally thought that the unknown problem was going to be found.

On my first day at the hospital, one test ruled out MS. Another test was done and I had found an almost instant improvement with some of my symptoms which both Doctors noted! Finally, I was told the name of the complaint which was confirmed by the test which was carried out. I was given medication to treat the condition. I was waiting for couple of other tests to be done.

Everything was going fine until one episode I experienced, (I am unable to say exactly what happened as I have already found my treatment affected) I heard a nurse using details of mine as self entertainment. I complained, in around about way. Then two hours later, I was home (glad in one sense and puzzled at the same time), and I was told I would be brought back for the tests another time. The new medication I had just been given, was stopped by the ward doctor (even though I had recently reported to the ward doctor that believed I felt some improvement while taking it).

I contacted the hospital after I had heard nothing more about the tests. I spoke to the Consultant’s secretary, who said there was no information about any tests I was supposed to have. So she gave me an appointment with the Consultant.

At the consultation, I learned that someone had said I had refused to take any further tests and went home. So I was told that due to lack of information, the “students” had decide that they thought I was not suffering from the condition.

I told the consultant that some inaccurate details were in my file, as I had not refused any tests! I said “why would I refuse tests which would answer the question about my health problems?” but the consultant said it would mean returning to the hospital to have them done. I said I would return, as I have no problems with the hospital. I did return for a blood test, but when I returned for the blood test, results I was told they tested negative, but negative for the first condition which had been ruled out?

I queried why I had been tested for something that had already been ruled out and not the condition which had been diagnosed with a few weeks prior. I was told that I was only interested in a more interesting name for my diagnosis.

At this point, I am totally confused (honestly this is the absolute truth). I have now been given a totally different diagnosis for something I do not have. I know I do not have the different condition because I have even been sent to see a specialist for the new condition, which I have been given in place of the other diagnosis, I was examined and had my history taken. I was told at the end of the consultation that I am not suffering from the condition I had just been diagnosed with. In the meantime, I have been sent to a colleague of my original consultant, who I had learned has been discussing my case with my original consultant. At the consultation, I took notes from my pocket (I have a very bad memory problem) but before I could read anything from my list, I was told he was very busy and had lots of patients waiting to see ‘and had no time to go through my health history or symptoms, when I did speak he would interrupt and he would start speaking at the same time as I was speaking. Because of this, I was getting confused and I feel there was a little language problem on both sides. He told me I was not suffering from MS, I said I understand I do not suffer from MS.

Adenugha amaganin

Parking eye

I am currently pregnant for the 5th time with my last 4 pregnancies ending in miscarriage. I have been classed as high risk and have been visiting the hospital nearly every week for the last 12 weeks. I was rushed to the hospital on the 14th August with suspected pre eclampsia as my blood pressure was extremely high. I purchased what I thought was 3 hours of time. I have just received a parking charge notice saying that I had been in the car park for less than 3 hours. I do not have the receipt but I always purchase more time than I believe I will be there. I attended on the 21st August knowing that I would be in around an hour but still purchased 2 hours I was only there 50 minutes. I have tried speaking to parking eye who basically won’t give me the time of day. I am going through a very stressful time and do not need the extra tension of this. I think that a ticket barrier system that you pay for the exact time would be a lot better as without having to display the ticket in the windscreen you have no visibility when you get back in the car as to when the time expired. As I said this was an extremely stressful time and I’m am 99% sure that I purchased 3 hours as I only have £1 coins in my purse and am sure I paid £4 although I have no way of proving this.


Food and drink left out of reach of my mother

My mother was in Ward E Geriatrics 2 months ago. I was unable to write anything earlier because I was too upset.

During numerous visits to the ward it became clear that my mom and other patients food and drink was left out of reach of them. Also it clearly said that my mum had eaten and drank fluids by herself which I believe was impossible as she couldn’t even hold a cup herself.

During my visits I had to help others to have a drink although how they could eat or drink any of it was beyond me because there was often a strong smell of urine.

The ward was clean and it seemed to me that the nurses did the best they could with the staff they had. It seemed to me that the nurses had to ignore pleas to go to the toilet and for food and drink if they hadn’t time!


Failure to abstain from alcohol

In July last year I was admitted to Sunderland Royal Hospital with alcohol withdrawal symptoms after losing my long term partner of seventeen years. I was told by two different consultants that I had caused so much damage to my health that I will die if I drink again. I was discharged after two weeks. I live alone in a flat now and have no friends whatsoever, therefore I have very little contact with the outside world.

The hospital did a great job of taking care of me. I felt the support I received after discharge was however absolutely nil. Now I am drinking again and I feel my doctor doesn’t seem to care one way or the other. I think in all probability I will end up in hospital again or even dead. It seems to me that there is no system whatsoever to help people who are in my situation to go on to live a normal life. We are in fact admitted, treated for our immediate medical problems and turfed out of hospital and left to our own devices. I think this results in failure to abstain from alcohol in my case. It is rather like being on a merry-go-round and not being able to get off. Whatever happened to after care? I feel as if the system as it stands only caters for the patients’ immediate needs. I feel let down by this.