Triage is dreadful

Im having a very complicated pregnancy and have to had to visit the triage department many times. The midwifes are over run and you can feel this when there, everytime i have been seen by a midwife within reasonable time but then put back in the waiting room for 5-7 hours for a doctor! You feel rushed and alot of the times i have been there the answers to what is going on is usually “we dont have an answer to why this has happened”…they are the qualified doctor and midwife and cant explain why im having theses complications!! Its shocking! …. I must give it to the Antenatal Assessment unit, most midwifes are amazing and understanding and do try there best to make you feel reassured. I just hope i get answers soon to my complications as this is adding to the worry. Also this is my second child and my previous child was born prematurely you think theyd be more determinded to find out whats going on.



We arrived in the early ours of 2nd September – my 93 year old mother in law had, had a fall and had broken her hip. The ambulance staff were professional and reassuring, calm and caring.

A&E staff – nurses, managers, doctors, assistants every single one was fantastic, caring, professional and treated Margaret (who has memory issues) and myself (who was a littleanxious and upset) with respect and care. Whoever was in charge – I would like to give them praise too – the tone of a ward is set by the leaders and no-one was defensive, abrupt or ‘jobsworth’ – so thank you and well done.

All the orthopaedic doctors/anaesthetists (we saw 2 sets on shift change at 8am) where calm/reassuring and professional and explained everything well.

An exceptional service. Thank you all so much


Fantastic experience – great staff, very efficient

I visited yesterday with an injured hand and had absolutely fantastic service – thank you. The receptionist, was attentive, polite, helpful and even updated my address on the system. I waited just a short time for the streaming nurse, who was absolutely lovely, super-efficient and ordered my xray immediately.

There was a short wait for the xray, but they radiographer asked me to wait and I knew what was happening. Communication was very good at all times, and they were extremely reassuring and professional.

I was then directed down to the Urgent Care Centre to wait a little while to be reviewed by a doctor. The doctor was kind, thorough and gave helpful, clear advice and fitted a splint. The doctor also advised me regarding what to watch out for or be concerned about and when to seek further advice.

I absolutely recommend this service.

Ruth W

Discouraged from breastfeeding by breastfeeding clinic!

I attended the breastfeeding drop in clinic at St Mary’s, Paddington when my daughter (now 11 months) was 6 weeks old, as I knew things weren’t quite right. I was told that her attachment to the breast was so poor that the only way we could continue to breastfeed was by expressing after every feed and giving her the expressed milk in a bottle, and that she was too old to improve her habits.

I decided to ignore this advice, as it seemed that as she was growing normally things couldn’t be as bad as all that, and I knew I couldn’t cope with the expressing. I’m glad I did as we have only just given up breastfeeding now, ten months later, and my daughter has continued to grow well, and is extremely healthy. I am still shocked that a clinic supposed to help support breastfeeding was so discouraging.


Regional transient or migrant osteoporosis

I broke my right ankle 18 months ago. I could not walk for 8 months and went to painful physiotherapy at great unnecessary cost to the NHS, as I also needed transport and painkillers and sleeping pills. The senior consultant at St Mary’s Paddington failed to recognise the symptoms. A letter was sent to my GP discharging me, when I still had pain. I had regional transient or migrant osteoporosis. 4 months ago I broke my left ankle, and the same consultant and his registrars didn’t even bother to look at my foot. Again, a letter was sent saying the fracture had healed and I wasn’t in pain, again that wasn’t true. I went to A&E and had another x ray and was told it hadn’t healed. I then went back and made another appointment in such pain.

The registrar recognised I was in pain but said the fracture had healed and went to my consultant to see where to direct me.

He flicked through my notes asked me if I had a drinking problem (I haven’t) asked what was in my diet coke and told me to go.

I am a pensioner on pension credits. I asked my doctor to recommend somebody privately. I had X rays that showed the fracture hadn’t healed and a MRI scan that showed the abnormality of my foot which was easy to see, if either the registrar or consultant bothered to look.

I saw many cases on Google. I put the cost on a credit card and borrowed money and want the money back. I was amazed to learn that if you complain to a hospital you only get an apology. I have now formally asked for it. Also I want all physiotherapists, registrars and consultants to be aware of the condition, so nobody suffers like I have. With complete rest this condition gets healed and I had an effusion by a good rheumatologist. The symptoms are abnormality of the foot and acute pain.


Excellent ante-natal physio St Mary’s London

The physio support provided at St Mary’s hospital when I was pregnant was fantastic. The system of referring everyone to a drop in class first meant that everyone got some basic help really quickly, and only those who needed one on one support went through to appointments. This was really convenient, and meant that when I needed more help later in the pregnancy I was seen by a physio quickly. This contrasted with friends at other hospitals who had to wait a long time for physio, until it was more or less too late to be any help.


Reassurance about chest pain

All the staff I had contact with during this four-hour morning visit were exceptionally professional, pleasant, convivial and helpful.

I ‘received’ two ECG, one X-Ray one blood test and printout out of all results together with a letter for my GP.

All conducted with smile, humour and kindness. Thank you!

Also… all looked happy to work where they do… Many congratulations!

Martine Lignon

Is St Mary’s labour ward right for you?

If you don’t mind that the birthing centre arranges for you to go to the labour ward – but upon arrival at the labour ward they have no knowledge of you… Then St Mary’s labour ward might be for you.

If you don’t mind the fact that your partner has to carry you around the ward in their arms as wheelchairs and gurneys don’t fit through the doors… Then St Mary’s labour ward might be for you.

If you don’t mind being told that your birth pool is ready only to get there and see that it is basically empty… Then St Mary’s labour ward might be for you.

If you don’t mind being in extreme agony and not being offered various pain relief options… Then St Mary’s labour ward might be for you.

If you don’t mind four healthcare professionals contradicting each other and giving you four different pieces of information in the space of an hour… Then St Mary’s labour ward might be for you.

If you don’t mind your baby going into foetal distress because your repeated enquiries are dismissed… Then St Mary’s labour ward might be for you.

If you don’t mind medical staff using emotional manipulation as a birthing tool… Then St Mary’s labour ward might be for you.

If you don’t mind medical staff not believing you or ignoring what you say… Then St Mary’s labour ward might be for you.

If you don’t mind your baby listening to you scream (as a result of the savagery with which you are stabbed with multiple injections post birth) instead of you listening to them scream… Then St Mary’s labour ward might be for you.

If you don’t mind being left lying naked on a pile of dirty bloody sheets for two hours after birth… Then St Mary’s might be for you.

Unfortunately it only gets worse once you leave the labour ward. The midwife we dealt with at the birthing centre was also the single most unhelpful person we have had to deal with in all our months attending St Mary’s. I hope this review helps prospective parents decide whether St Mary’s might be for them.

A&E and Ward were very clean. …

A&E and Ward were very clean. Nursing staff were pleasant and had a very good attitude.

What could be improved

Unfortunately, several doctors were lazy and obviously looking for an easy solution. This led to a misdiagnosis (the nursing staff knew that the doctors concerned were wrong) and unnecessary problems later on.

Food was okay and well presented. Good to see the use of proper catering staff on the wards. Admin staff were (unusually for the NHS), pleasant and helpful.