I had to get up at 6am for an 8:30 appointment

I live in Wellington and couldn’t drive to this hospital as I would need eye drops.

I had to get up at 6am for an 8: 30 appointment at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. Not good.

Hospital out patients clean. I was seen promptly, everyone friendly and efficient.

My only moan is the traveling time. I am able bodies but at the ripe old age of 68 would have preferred an appointment at the Princess Royal Hospital.


Coronary Care Unit: The staff were very kind and helpful

I was taken to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital with severe pains to my side and chest. I was put on C. C. U ward where I had many tests and was monitored.

It turned out to be my gall bladder, and an operation would be needed later in the year, this was because I have a leaking heart valve and bronchitis.

My stay in hospital was 5 days. The staff were very kind and helpful. And they all worked as a team.


Told there was delay with my referral

I was referred by my GP at the end of November and given information of the TRAQS system. Having heard nothing a week later I rang TRAQS to enquire on status. They advised they had only received notification of my case in the last few days. The explanation provided was likely a delay at GPs secretarial team. I was asked to allow further time into the middle of the following week. I had heard nothing by the Wednesday and therefore rang TRAQS the next day. I was then offered an appointment at Shrewsbury Royal Hospital for just before Christmas. This was convenient and accepted. No other choices were offered but this was not a problem to me. As an aside the treatment at Shrewsbury Clinic and pre-operative assessment was excellent.


Clinic 4 at Royal Shrewsbury

After visiting my doctor I was quickly contacted by TRAQS who offered me a choice of three hospitals. I chose the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital for a 9. 30 appointment at the beginning of February. I arrived at 9, was seen as 9. 10 and out by 9. 20. I saw mr Ahsan and given a thorough examination with a positive result. The whole experience was fast, efficient and in fact faultless. Thank you very much.


Thank you for not making us feel silly

We had to make a visit to A&E on Saturday – unfortunately on the way to visit my mother my little boy got his fingers stuck in his toy pirate ship! ! ! Try as we might neither me nor my husband could budge his fingers and they were starting to turn a bit pink – in panic we didn’t know where to go and decided to turn up at A&E. The receptionist who booked us in was lovely, she didn’t make me feel stupid that I have turned up panicked and a bit embarrassed with a small child attached to a pirate ship! ! she booked us in and took us straight through to Colin the nurse, who was brilliant with my son and made him feel comfortable, he was able to very quickly detached the ship from his finger with only a little discomfort. We did laugh about it later but thank you to the staff at Shrewsbury A&E for not making us feel silly or making us feel like we were wasting precious NHS time. They were friendly, pleasant and reassuring! !


I have got worse, not better which I believe is due to bad advise

Shrewsbury hospital’s paediatric ward told us not to get involved with CAHMS as they were not needed.

Originally they diagnosed my chronic stomach pain as ‘constapation’ and put me on a incredibly high dose of a mess to help which made me feel iller. Then they accused me of making it up, and then soon after said it was due to anorexia and then depression and after 1 year, which included an appointment with shropshire cahms who said I had no mental health problems, one psychologist spent 1 hour with me in Great Ormond Street and diagnosed me.

I have a mental health illness that means I cannot deal with pressure and the ward told my family to pressure me and expose me to this so I started getting better?

Obviously I got worse and now am in a BCH ward and have been for months!

I believe it could have been a matter of weeks but due to their actions I have got loads worse and still expect a long recovery.

(I have Pervasive Arousal Withdrawal Syndrome also known as Pervasive Refusal Syndrome)