This isn’t good enough

I arrived on time to my appointment at Jessops Wing of the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. The waiting room was busy with a loud TV (Jeremy Kyle – which I don’t think is appropriate viewing for children who were present. Or for adults for that matter…). There were no newspapers, only four very old, torn and dirty magazines. There were half empty patient information racks all over the place.

I was kept waiting for over an hour without any warning or being advised what was happening. After asking, I had to wait another 40 minutes. The whole process took 2 hours for less than 10 minutes with the consultant, including an exam. Now I have 10 weeks to wait for my next appointment for an ultra sound to find the problem. This isn’t good enough – too long to wait.


I cannot thank everyone enough

After visiting the hospital for an ECG I was asked to wait on from when I had been admitted. The doctor visited me and said I would be put on Warfrin in order to get my blood sorted. After a few days I was able to go home, and I am visiting the hospital weekly for blood checks. I have been referred to the heart specialist I was under before. Everyone has been very helpful. The food was very good. I cannot thank everyone enough.


Many thanks to E.A.U staff at Royal Hallamshire

I was taken in to the Emergency Admissions Unit at the Royal Hallamshire hospital for the treatment of chest pains. This was the first time that I had been in to hospital as an adult and they sure took great care of me. The nurses were fantastic, and so too were the doctors – they really seemed to be concerned about my well-being. Many thanks.


Good care at Royal Hallamshire but don’t like mixed wards

I was a patient at the Royal Hallamshire hospital cardiology unit with chest pains. The best thing about how I was treated was the kindness and concern of all the staff.

However, I did not like the mixed ward – it was embarrassing and upsetting. I am a male patient and a female patient was getting in and out of bed and I saw more than I should have. It was embarrassing for me and my wife.

I also found it very upsetting that I had to lie in a bed all night next to a lady who had died. I could not sleep.


Royal Hallamshire – EAU – Emergency Admissions Unit

I was in the emergency admssions unit for 2 nights for an examination and analysis. I waited for a place on the ward. On the second morning a new consultant that I was unfamilair with told me I was leaving and tests would be carried out on an out-patient basis. I was shocked as I felt unable to cope at home, feeling lethargic and poorly. The social worker told me of what help was available, but I still felt I needed more care. 3 weeks later I was readmitted due to my persistant GP.

Patien1 010

Thanks to all at BMI Thornbury

My problem started in May 2008. A visit to my local surgery diagnosed a hernia.

Five months later when more pain was evident, I was referred to the Hallamshire Hospital, under Mr Thomas. He advised a hernia repair was necessary, and an appointment made for a pre-assessment visit.

Due to a backlog, I was offered a place in Thornbury Hospital which was arranged for 20 Feb 2009. The operation was carried out and now recovery is under way. I was made to feel comfortable and at ease, as this was my first taste of an operation under aneasthetic and I would like to thank all concerned, and hopefully will be back to normal shortly.

Harry the hernia

Try explaining your situation until you are…

I am 100% isolated. I have no one I can call on for help or support from anywhere.

Can I get this hospital or anyone one single member of its staff ‘anyone for that matter within the NHS’ to hear me?

No. Not one person has the skills to hear or to see something as obvious as hard facts placed before them that even though I try to help myself the best I can the NHS is totally ignoring me.

Appointments – I advise I truly have and I am unable to ask anyone for assistance getting to or from Thornberry for cataract surgery. Surgery booked at the ungodly hour of 07:00hrs ‘not our problem’ was terse response back off advisor that I was until that point 100% civilly speaking with. Heartless cold person may as well have said ‘screw you mate’ & I just terminated the call.

Then I took to posting this.


Poor nursing care at Royal Hallamshire ward I1

I arrived at the Royal Hallamshire ward I1 on the friday in a poor state (nose bleeding and blood coming out of my mouth). My nose was repeatedly packed, but after the bleeding did not desist, it was operated on on the monday.

I felt that the treatment I received was appalling – the nurses would just sit and watch and not offer any support. I felt very alone and isolated.


Thanks to all in Neurology clinic at Royal Hallamshire

Last month, I was a patient in the Neurology clinic at the Royal Hallamshire hospital in Sheffield for the treatment of pain which I was having caused by my having Multiple Sclerosis. The standard of care which I received from both the medical and the nursing teams was very good – all staff were very helpful and would go out of their way to help.

My only concern was with the cleanliness of the hospital – the toilets were in a particularly poor condition.

Overall, I would say that the experience was a good one, and I would like to thank all staff in the Neurology clinic for this.