Care and compassion shown to my father

I would just like to express my thanks for the care and compassion shown to my father on a recent trip to the QEII in Welwyn Garden City. Following a cardiac episode he was seen by he GP who referred him to the QEII. He has long standing chronic issues, as well as cancer.

He was triaged promptly and the medical and nursing staff were professional and supportive at all times during his whole stay. The young Irish nurse in the Clinical Decsion Unit was lovely and the young doctors and registrar treated my father with dignity and respect. They took time to explain what they were doing and kept us informed.

He is a colourful character and can be quite loud as he is deaf and has lost his hearing aid. Everyone took the time to listen to him and share a few words and support.

The only thing which was slightly jarring note was the radio which was on in the background until I turned if off. I was not clear who it was for and as my father is hard of hearing this made some communication difficult.

This is the third time the QEII have supported and saved my fathers life he is very thankful for thier continuing support and kindness. He hopes he won’t see them again anytime soon!

Please pass these comments to the whole team and our thanks for all the work they do to support people such as my father.

Thankful relative

Great staff and hospital, shame about the…

I attended the Breast Clinic twice in the past three weeks following a very efficient referral system by my GP. I was treated with respect and dignity at all times and found all the staff considerate and approachable – the mammographer even managed to make me laugh during a painful procedure – thank you!!

My only gripe with the whole system has been attempting to make an appointment to receive the results of my mammogram. I was handed a piece of paper by the Breast Clinic receptionist with a New QEII Appointments telephone number which I tried numerous times over several days following the mammogram. The number rang 30/40 times and then just cut off – very frustrating given the potential implications of the results I was trying to get! I then phoned the Breast Clinic who gave me the main Outpatients Appointments number which I know from numerous previous experiences is a nightmare to get through on. On my fifth attempt I got through at number 23 in the queue (an unusually low number) and stuck it out for the 34 minutes it then took to be answered. I now have my appointment but will, in future, refuse to leave any hospital without my next appointment made and a confirmation letter in hand.


Bank Holiday treatment

The service, treatment and courtesy provided to me was excellent, and very promptly delivered. On Sunday I went with a possible broken hand. It was quickly X Rayed and confirmed as bruised only. I was shown the X Rays and talked through the diagnosis by a helpful and well informed senior nurse.

My thanks go to all concerned, the front desk, assistant staff and medical personel.

J A Moore

John Moore

My son’s birth at Lister’s new maternity unit

I had a very long and painful early labour and spent 5 days in various parts of the unit. The midwives on the MLU were absolutely brilliant; kind, understanding and very reassuring. I felt really well looked after during a scary time. My husband was also pleased with the care and reassurance we received.

When I was unavoidably transferred to the consultant led unit I was very distressed, but again, the kindness shown by the midwives was amazing. Our son was born in May and I will always look back fondly on our memories there. . . midwife Saskia was fab-couldn’t have done it without her!


Very impressed with the care.

I was so impressed by the nurses and other staff looking after J bay in Princes wing for the few days following my operation. Not only were they professional, they all really cared. How it should be. The cleaning and catering staff were also fantastic.

What could be improved

I observed one ancillary nurse who was not caring and not even professional. She should not be working with the sick.

The bed was very comfortable and the bathroom facilities were excellent. The tubed water bottle was a great help following my operation.


Poor service from East Herts trust to make an…

Very unhappy with the service provided from East Herts trust. Following a visit to QE II A&E I was advised that my notes would be referred to the ENT department and that I was to call the department a couple of days after to arrange an appointment. On calling the department as advised, I came to know that my notes had not been passed on. After a few hours I was called with an offer of an appointment on 10 January which I accepted. The person calling me abruptly put the phone down on me when I enquired if there was a possibility of anything earlier as I was in constant pain and have so far not recieved any medical help. To add to this, the letter I received to confirm the appointment stated 24 January. On calling the appiontment line number to find out what was going on I was advised that the appointment of 10 January was no longer available. Having only recently moved to Hertfordshire, this is my first experience of the local health facilities, and its clear to say that I am so far very disappointed at the service provided, particularly at a time when I am in pain. Apologies for the negative feedback, I do recognise the good and hard work staff in health trusts undertake, however I think its equally important to be aware of flaws in processes, to lessen the impact on future patients.


Fantastic to both the patient and relative

I write on behalf of my mother who attended Ambulatory Care ward, Level 4 on 21 August 2012 initially for a blood transfusion but then also for severe constipation. She was seen by 2 different doctors and then had a nurse care for her. This nurse and infact the entire staff on the ward was a pleasure to visit, kind, caring, compassionate, attentive.

A totally different experience to the Lister Hospital where it is infact the complete opposite in nursing care. Maybe some of their nurses could learn the good manners of the staff at QE2

What could be improved



some short comings!!

I was impressed with the care from some of the nurses however I had to give the same information several times to sevarl different memebres of staff as it was never communicated. This involved social set up and basic nursing needs.

I was unhappy with attention to meal provision, despite bringing in food and drinks none of this was ever opened for a patient with dementia who would not instigate this herself yet when I visited drank 400mls of lemonade and ate several chocolates and cakes withinn minutes – this had been communicated to ward staff.

Discharge procedure wasa also poor, despite daily being informed that it would be necessary to give 24 hrs notice for a restart of qds care package and time for family to arrange food, heating etc – a phonecall was revceived from the ward pharmacist (to the wrong contact person, not nok) informing of imminent discharge.

*No option for mau on drop down for departments on section 4*


First Class Care.

I was so full of anxiety when i went to the Queens Wing for a day procedure but the staff (ALL of them) were so amazing. All the nurses were so empathetic and caring, they really helped calm me and even held my hand throughout the procedure 🙂 They all seemed to really care. The doctor doing the procedure also introduced himself and re assured me!!! Just so thankfull for them getting me through it!They are first class! Thank you so much x