My miscarriage experience at Queen’s Hospital, Romford

I started to bleed at over 12 weeks pregnant. I had had fertility treatment (privately). I went to Queens who made me wait in an abandoned office room for over 5 hours before I was seen. The Doctor said all was fine after a very brief examination. I was not allowed a scan even though I asked for one many many times. I had to call King George in Seven Kings to try and get a scan (the two hospitals are aparently linked) and was told I could have one in March. Over a month later. I was allowed to come that afternoon to sit and wait for a scan – but only after begging and crying on the phone. I was sent back to Queens after being told unceremoniously the ‘product is dead’. At Queens I encountered the most unsympathetic, unhelpful people I felt I have ever met in my life.

They constantly referred to my baby as ‘the product’, and I feel they tried to bully me into having the baby removed surgically. I didn’t and in the end I had no idea what was going to happen to me. I didn’t get any emotional care, no advice on what would happen physically, and no advice as to who I should contact if I had any questions. They didn’t even give me a leaflet.

That night I had full on contractions and the baby came. I went to the hospital the next day as I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. The staff member yelled my name and walked away so quickly that I couldn’t follow. I felt I was obviously a massive inconvenience to them all. The whole experience had been so unbelievably awful that we went away to Portsmouth for the weekend. When I got there I realised I was really ill. (I have type 1 diabetes) My blood sugars were so high they wouldn’t register which is a typical sign of infection. I went to the A&E there (Queen Alexandra – I would recommend it to anyone) and the staff were absolutely lovely. The first thing they did was to give me a leaflet from the miscarriage association and tell me what was happening to my body.

They diagnosed me with a serious infection of my uterus (which could have left me infertile had it not been treated). I was admitted and had IV antibiotics and then 4 weeks of oral antibiotics, such was the seriousness of the infection.

I DID write to Queens hospital and had a letter of apology and telling me all the things they had put in place to change what had happened to me.

More recently I had another miscarriage at 7 weeks pregnant and once again went to Queens, reassured that their practice had improved significantly.

Absolutely nothing had changed in my opinion. I thought the treatment was again awful, there was still no information given to me and I still don’t feel as if my emotional needs were even considered.

I am very lucky in that I have my very supportive partner, family and friends and have medical experience as I trained as a nurse but if I hadn’t I can’t even bear to think about how I would have coped.

Extremely Unhappy

Upsetting experience after 1st trimester screening

On a Friday in April 2012, I was really excited to have my first scan on my first baby. This turned to absolute devastation, when I found out that my baby had anencephaly (skull hadn’t formed properly).

Then the nightmare rollercoaster started. From the scan room, we had to wait in the Quiet room for a doctor to explain what exactly all this meant and to weigh our options. He explained that an abortion would be the best option. So we were referred to St Mary’s Ella Gordon unit, who would ring us in an hour.

They rang us to say we had to wait 4 days to see a consultant and then we would have to wait to get an appointment to actually have the abortion, which we wouldn’t be able to have in Portsmouth where we live as QA don’t do abortions if you are 12 weeks or over. We had to travel to Bournemouth.

3 days later went to my doctors, who weren’t informed on anything! Then, a couple of weeks later, midwife got hold of us to say we had missed an appointment.

I am absolutely disgusted and angry at the way we were treated and have lost a lot of faith in all these people that call themselves professionals and still to this day we have had no help to get through this devastation.

Friday 13th

Treatment for supraventricular tachycardia

I went to my GP’s surgery, had an ECG, was sent by ambulance to A&E, where they performed a cardioversion.

I was allowed to go home.

Unfortunately the problem recurred and I went through the same process again.

I cannot fault any of the care I had, from the practice nurses, the GP, the desk staff, the paramedics and all the people at QA, including the porters, all were fantastic.

I felt very safe throughout


Frustrating lack of treatment for labral hip tear

I am still relatively young (in my late 30s) with an active job as a Preschool practitioner. After having worsening pain in my right hip, I was eventually diagnosed with a Labral hip tear. Unfortunately my very frustrated consultant is unable to end my suffering, as there is no funding available to perform the key hole surgery I need to be pain free. My consultant is 90% sure that surgery would make things better for me. It is so frustrating and ludicrous that I may end up having to give up my career that I have worked so hard for due to chronic pain.

It is not fair.


An example of why the NHS is a National Treasure

I attended A&E after having chest pains – I was Triaged almost immediately and then taken round to Major treatments quickly.

The Staff Nurse was polite, professional – working quickly explaining what they were doing and was exceptionally proactive (Doing a second ECG as they knew that the Doctor would ask for one, saving valuable time)

The Treating Doctor explained everything – from what they were looking for from the tests they were doing, and the other possible causes of the pain.

In the end the tests showed that I thankfully hadn’t suffered a Cardiac Episode 🙂

Thank you to the entire team at QA – You do a fantastic job, under often trying circumstances.

Mark W

The Haematology Queen Alexandra Hospital

I would like to thank all the staff at The Queen Alexandra Hospital in Hampshire for the amazing. Proffessional care given to my partner Mr Petrus Gomes during the three years he battled with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The care was five star and everything including decisions on treatments were made fast and efficiently all to suit the care that Petrus required .. Staff very friendly and most helpful . I doubt if there is any hospital that would fight for a patient’s life like QA . The Harmatology team are a team from from heaven. the doctor literally gave my partner a prolonged and comfortable last 3 years of his life .. Even though Petrus lost his battle to Leukemia on the 13.03.15 am sure he died with dignity and a happy man and luckily on this day his favourite Hcsw was on shift …I respect this hospital and the Harmatology team is God sent … Thank you for all you do … You are amazing ?………Barbara Kaseke

Barbara Kaseke

Waiting for painkillers for a dislocated thumb

I dislocated my thumb playing football and had to go to Cosham A&E to have it examined. Upon arrival I was in intense discomfort and was told by a very cold and distant receptionist that I would have to take a ticket and wait.

After about 15 minutes my ticket was finally called and the receptionist took down all of my details. When I asked for some form of painkillers, the receptionist dismissed the request, saying that a nurse would be along soon and everything would be dealt with.

After another 20 minutes a nurse, who was dealing with an elderly patient in a wheelchair, noticed my grimacing and obviously dislocated thumb, got me to follow her into the ward. Although it was another 15 minutes before I was given any painkillers, the treatment from then on was exemplary. The staff were kind, courteous, caring and thoughtful.

All of which begs the question: why were the staff at reception so unhelpful, callous & totally lacking in any sort of empathy?

Richard Cramptom

Best of the NHS

I had elective laparoscopy for the removal of my uterus and ovaries at the hospital this week and I received five star treatment from start to finish. The surgeon was obviously at the top of their game, and yet entirely approachable. The anaesthetist was extremely professional and did everything to give me confidence and to put me at my ease.

The nursing staff and all other staff involved were without exception very caring and hardworking and I could not have asked for anything more. Well done!


Long Wait For Histology After Colonoscopy

in April 2008 I attended Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth for a colonoscopy because of extreme stomach pain that wouldn’t respond to normal pain killers.

A polyp was removed and sent to the laboratory for tests. I was told that the results would be available in one or two weeks. Worried that I may have cancer the following two weeks were quite traumatic.

But, to cut a long story short, I ended up waiting 7 weeks for the results. During which time I rang the consultant’s secretary nearly every week, sometimes twice and the stress it caused made my stomach pain worse.

Surely this can’t be right. Waiting for potentially life changing information of this nature should be reduced as much as possible.

I would be interested to know from other patients whether they have experienced this sort of delay or whether things have improved.