My breast surgery on Gillies Ward

I was diagnosed with DCIS and opted for a WLE and breast reduction to both sides.

From beginning to end my stay on Gillies Ward could not have been better.

I was taken great care of, shown kindness dignity and respect by all the health professionals I encountered during my stay. This included medical staff, nurses, porters, catering and cleaning staff. I cannot speak highly enough or single out one individual as all involved made my stay/experience the best it could be. The food was good, the cleaning standards excellent and the NHS can be proud of such quality of healthcare.

Before my stay I was hearing such negative media hype about declining NHS standards and service. So naturally I was apprehensive about my stay. Also having spent much of my working life managing NHS support services (apart from this last 7 years) I was curious to see the services from the other side of the fence!

I can tell you, I was blown away by my stay on Gillies Ward and hope that my thanks can be passed on to them through this forum.

It made me proud of our NHS and long may it continue


Fantastic leukaemia care at Nottingham

Since i was sent to Nottingham City Hospital’s Fletcher ward in may 2005, the treatment was first class and the staff was brilliant in looking after me, from the top doctors, junior doctors to nurses to cleaners, they was brilliant and the top class treatment carried on to the day care and outpatients.

The staff are so caring and are great people thankyou guys! It is now 2010 and everytime i go, you know you are in safe hands – and the leukaemia is in its box locked up thanks to the staff.

You all know who you are, you are life savers every last one of you.


Feedback from Consultant

I recently complained about some aspects of my experience in the Outpatient’s Clinic at Nottingham City Hospital and my complaints were followed up via Patient Opinion.

I have now received a full response from the Consultant, with a useful explanation of several aspects which were not covered at the Clinic, and I am happy about the situation. So, credit where it’s due – Thank You Patient Opinion, and the staff at City Hospital who dealt with the matter.


Exceptional care on Harvey 2 ward

I was refered to Harvey 2 on the City Site of NUH from my GP

The care I received on that ward was exceptional. The ward team worked well together, reflecting very well on senior ward staff, and gave me a level of care that was far in advance of anything I expected.

I felt confident in the staff and the treatment I received at all times.

The physical environment of the ward has been very well maintained with a very high cleaning standard.


67 year old husbands heart problem

My husband visited our GP in May to complain about tightness in his chest, palpitations & dizziness. He was told this could possibly be due to a leaky valve & referred him to the Ilkeston cardiology dept.

In June the Doctor there put him on beta blockers & referred him to the warfarin clinic as any heart treatment would require his blood to be less sticky, in order to avoid blood clots, which could lead to a stroke. The cardiologist in Ilkeston Hospital also referred him to the cardiology dept at the Nottingham City Hospital.

An appointment was sent through for him for early Oct, which even our GP thought was rather a long wait. This appointment was then cancelled by the hospital & another one made for the end of October.

My husband sent a letter of complaint to the Chief Exec of the QMC in August. This letter remains unacknowledged but he has now been sent a fresh appointment for slightly earlier in Oct. Not good, is it, when one is left waiting for 5 months between seeing a GP to seeing a heart specialist. Even then he doesn’t think the appointment will give him more than another referral after that doctor has seen & spoken to him.

Meanwhile our life is on hold until we know when or even if, there is going to be any treatment. He wouldn’t have had to wait this long to have a bad tooth looked at!


Good standard of care but poor food at Nottingham City Hospital

I was a patient at the Nottingham City hospital Haematology unit for the treatment of Myeloma. I found the standard of medical and nursing care to be very good. However, I would prefer it if patients were not placed on mixed wards, but were instead separated according to gender. Also, I think that the food could be a bit better as well.


Staff always have time for you

I have had multiple myeloma and continuously have visited the haematology department at Nottingham City Hospital for treatment. The best thing about my treatment was that all the staff are very welcoming, friendly and helpful. Most staff explained things very well. Sometimes very senior staff could have explained things better but usually delegated to nursing staff to do the explaining. I would like to especially thank the myeloma nurses and Dr Kathy Williams. They always have time to see you if you are feeling ill, usually on the same day, after clinic. However busy they are they still make time for you, that is throughout the clinic in day care, blood taking with either the myeloma nurses or the doctors. I would like to say thank you for that as well as the regular treatment.


Grateful for hardworking staff of Nottingham University Hospitals

As a recent patient I am grateful for the opportunity to show my gratitude for the excellent treatment, operation and aftercare that I received.

I cannot compliment too highly the nursing staff and auxilliaries who worked so hard day and night to ensure my health and wellbeing during my stay in hospital, always checking carefully my name, date of birth and patient number even though they knew who I was.

Also their hygene was exemplary, always using the hand wash after every treatment for instance, small details that gave great peace of mind, bearing in mind I was looking for assurance at every turn, and I certainly got it.

I found that the food was quite good, although at times could have been warmer, but bearing in mind the amount of patients they were serving at this large hospital, it must be said, that the food was generally of a very high standard.

I hope these few notes will be of some help to future patients looking for guidence when they have to go into hospital themselves.


Poor treatment at the Nottingham City Hospital Cardiology Unit

I was a patient at the Nottingham City Hospital Cardiology unit with suspected deep vein thrombosis (DVT). While there, I found the standard of medical and nursing care to be no better than average – at one point, I was told to get out of bed and had to limp home, only to return again the next day at 9am in the morning. This made me quite angry and upset. I felt that i was treated with very little respect.