Cardiology: Consultant’s bedside manner on one occasion was aggressive

I initially phoned the Ambley Green nurse – these nurses have always been very reassuring and have given me a lot of security for example when I rang a respiratory nurse she was at my house within 20 minutes. She could see I was struggling to breathe and offered to call an ambulance but I opted to ask my son to take me in.

At the hospital I was given a bed straightaway on the Respiratory ward but was transferred to the Cardiology ward. While I was there I had a bad breathing episode, the nurse spent two hours helping me to get my breathing back under control.

I cannot fault the treatment they gave me.

However, the consultant’s bedside manner on one occasion was aggressive and did not talk to me, the patient, but to the other people around me.


Getting home to people that care.

What I liked

Getting home to people that care.

What could be improved

Being treated as a human, not a number or customer.

Anything else?

Firstly, i have 3 experiences at Medway.None of them were pleasurable.

1.Maternity ward(My wife left alone with baby wanting help whilst nurses made jokes and talked about who got off with who.)

2.Kidney stones operation. After spending 4 hours waiting in pain in Surgical Assessment Unit, transferred to a ward of people dying, spent 2 days in ward before being told i can just go home before demanding kidney stones be removed.

3.Mother in Law brought into medway with a bad back. Isn’t she in enough pain without being told she has to have a Lumbar puncture?Mum also acquired Pneumonia whilst in medway, was told she had not long to live and she was still moved to another ward without being told!

You have 2 types of care at medway:

one for under 50’s

and one you might not get out alive.

My advice is go private.

Mr Angry

My GP and endocrinologist won’t diagnose my thyroid condition

I have been seeing my GP for the last 15 years with symptoms of hypothyroidism. My mother was hypothyroid. I have been told that it was my age, depression, stress etc., The thyroid blood tests all came back as ‘normal’ and despite my GP saying that my signs and symptoms were indicative of hypothyroidism, nothing was done for me.

Eventually in desperation I went to see a private thyroid and metabolic specialist who diagnosed hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. The subsequent tests confirmed his diagnosis. I started on adrenal support and then on Armour thyroid. I am now taking Armour, T3 and hydrocortisone.

After I saw the private doctor I took the results of the tests to my GP. My GP did not regard them as being of any importance despite one test showed that my T3 was under range. My GP sent me for another blood test and this came back as ‘normal’.

I was worried that my hypothyroidism was not on my NHS medical records and asked to be seen by an endocrinologist at my local hospital. On the first visit I gave him an A4 sheet of paper full with all my signs and symptoms. On the second appointment with him he said I did not have a thyroid problem and discharged me. All my letters to him asking him to tell me why he discharged me and did not take into account my signs and symptoms and private test results were ignored.

As I received no satisfactory answers from him, I made a complaint to the hospital and asked for copies of my medical notes and test results.

When I received copies of the thyroid scan it showed that I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hypothyroidism. And yet the endocrinologist said I did not have a thyroid problem. His letter to my GP said I was suffering from anxiety and depression. (Anxiety is an adrenal fatigue symptom and depression is a HypoT symptom.)

I am absolutely disgusted that I have had no diagnosis of my hypothyroidism for nearly 15 years. I am disgusted that I have had to live with the almost debilitating symptoms of HypoT for almost 15 years. I am disgusted that I have been treated like a silly woman for almost 15 years.

I am disgusted that I have been regarded as being an hypochondriac by my GP for almost 15 years. I am disgusted that my GP and a thyroid ‘specialist’ at the hospital are not able to see and understand the symptoms and signs of hypothyroidism. I am disgusted that the GP and endocrinologist only diagnose on blood tests. I am disgusted that I have still not been given an NHS diagnosis of hypothyroidism. I am disgusted that I am having to pay more money than I can afford for thyroid medication to allow me have a quality of life that the NHS are denying me.


Pleased with consultation

I had an inpatient appointment for 10. 15 due to reoccurrence of laryngitis. This was a follow up appointment from 3 months ago. The receptionist was very helpful and friendly. Sat in the waiting room to be called. The waiting board advised that my doctor was not in surgery but his registrar was running approximately 15 minutes late. This was understandable.

Eventually around 11. 10 I was called, to which I was expecting an apology for the time delay, but for this I was disappointed, no apology. In respect of the consultation I was extremely pleased with and due to my laryngitis returning again, I am currently seeing a speech therapist, I will be returning in 3 months times. I hope that the waiting time will have improved.

In all the service apart from the time delay and lack of apology I have been impressed with.


Disgraceful Dermatology Service

Having been referred by my doctor to Medway Dermatology Department in early February 2015, the following is a list of the disgraceful responses that I eventually received from the Department before they passed my case onto the Community Dermatology who, from their literature, don’t deal with problem that I have!

Early March – Ask my doctor to chase them for a appointment.

Mid April – Chased Dermatology Service Manager to chase appointment (twice)

Early May – Received letter offering appointment in early June

Early May – Spoke Dermatology to rearrange week later in early June.

Early June – Turn up for appointment only to be told it was not apparently logged properly so no appointment available. Told I had missed earlier appointment which I said had already been cancelled on phone when new appointment made!

Day after non- existent appointment in early June – Letter received offering appointment towards end June.

End June – Attended latest appointment and seen reasonably quickly and proficiently by dermatology nurse for tele-dermatology.

Early July – Receive letter indicating consultant dermatologist considers probably Basal Cell Carcinoma which should be excised “soon”. Letter indicated put on consultant’s waiting list for 40 minute procedure under local anaesthetic.

Later in July and August. Tried to contact Minor Surgery Appointments using each extension number at least twice. Left message on answerphone requesting confirm receipt of message and enquiring how long list and likely wait for operation.

Early September – Contacted by Medway Community Dermatology on phone and told Medway can’t cope with dermatology patients so offered appointment at Dartford in late September. On request offered Gillingham three weeks earlier initially but as busy then accepted date two weeks earlier.

On checking Medway Community Dermatology information on line find the skin conditions they manage does not include BCC’s!

Tried Minor Appointments phones again and both on answerphone (still !) but offered further extension number that I tried only to find another answerphone message. Left message with request to phone me back leaving both land line and mobile numbers (again!) to ask what is going on?

What sort of service are they really offering?

Subject to the next contact from Medway, or in the absence of further contact based upon my earlier experience, I am considering making a formal complaint. If the problem was more serious than I think it is or had seriously degenerated over the period dealing with Medway Hospital, their tardiness and inefficiency would have seriously affected my general health.



This hospital was truly shocking and disgraceful. The Support Workers and zero knowledge on any aspect of mental health. I heard a member of the nursing staff shout at a patient in restraint for trying to get them to calm down? Surly if you wanted a patient to calm down how is shouting going to help! I was even threated by a staff member… “if you don’t give me the phone i will pit you in restraint myself”!

The doctor thought i had a heart condition when i had no physical problems and they he decided to change my medication!

Overall i was shocked and disgusted with this service.


Dignity and respect

Matron told a doctor off who was about to check my mums condition in front of everyone. The matron in all fairness aplogised to my mum.Also saw an elderly lady on a trolley bed in her underwear! All a bit callamitous really as doctor kept walking off leaving us standing there! We were then told to go to Lister ward…well what can I say…inadequate waiting area and had to sit on floor with doctors and nurses walking past and not batting an eyelid which says a lot. I do understand Hospital has a huge cattachment area but seems to me Medway Hospital has a mountain to climb


breast clinic at Medway Hospital, Kent

Arrived for my appointment today at the clinic to be told to go to out patient booking even though my letter said to report to the red zone level 2. When I got to outpatient booking I was told my appt was cancelled I was told I should have been informed which I was not. It was pretty obvious the receptionists at the breast clinic knew and didnt want to tell me.

The lady at outpatient booking who was very helpful told me I was the third lady this had happened to today. I have no new appt and as I have a breast lump this is quite concerning and worrying for me.

My experience was further enhanced by the two car park attendants who thought it amusing that my appt was cancelled which was evidenced by their sarcastic comments.

I have asked my GP to refer me to another hospital!

CQC are you listening?