Central Manchester Children’s A&E

After a visit to the out of hours GP service (go to doc) I was still concerned enough to visit the children’s A&E dept at Central Manchester. It was late, it was cold, it was busy – but we were seen promptly by the triage nurse who really reassured our daughter (4 y/o). It was a case of better safe than sorry as she was pretty poorly and we left with antibiotics and peace of mind. Having a children’s A&E department is really important as a Saturday night at your typical A&E cab be pretty grim. Thanks for good all round care and service.


Fracture clinic

I recently attended A&E at Manchester Royal Infirmary with a stress fracture in my foot. My experience in A&E was very positive the doctor, x-ray and nursing staff were all very helpful and I was given an appointment for the fracture clinic 2 days later.

At the fracture clinic I had a very different experience. The receptionist I met was not very polite when I first went into the department which I assumed was because they were busy. After a 45 minute wait, I eventually saw the consultant. Now I am by no means clueless as I work as a staff nurse in another hospital so I had a bit of knowledge but the consultant gave me no real information and gave me no advice. As I live in a different part of the country and was only visiting Manchester, he told me I should go to them. He then told me to follow a nurse with no real explanation and I found myself in the plaster room where the nurse informed that the consultant wanted me in a cast. I found the whole experience very disorganized and very unhelpful which is a shame as I had a good experience in A&E. I understand the staff are under great pressure but it would have not taken the consultant much more time to give me a little more information.


Excellent care in A&E at Manchester Royal Infirmary

I recently had to attend the A&E dept of Manchester Royal Infirmary after injuring my foot/ankle. I was pleasantly and politely received at Reception. I had to wait approx. 40 mins before I was seen by a nurse who promptly sent me for an x-ray. A porter was summoned to take me and he arrived within a couple of minutes. I was x-rayed immediately before returning to the main A&E department. A further wait was necessary before I was seen once more by the same nurse I’d met on arrival. We looked at my x-rays together then I had my ankle treated straight away with a dressing and bandages. In total I was in the dept. for under 2 hours. I was extremely impressed by the speed and efficiency with which I was seen, x-rayed and treated. Each and every member of staff was pleasant, sensitive and very helpful.

I had been concerned on arrival that I would have to wait hours before I was attended to as the dept. was very busy. This was not the case.

I wanted to contribute this positive experience of the hospital as so often only the bad experiences get all the publicity.

Mrs T.

Shocked by care on Emergency Surgery Trauma Unit

My wife was admitted to the ward and the care she received was to be quite frank, disturbing.

Firstly there were people on the ward shouting for help and asking for medication and were being ignored, one even started to choke on her own vomit while the other was showing me the bruises all over her arm from nurses not being able to take blood properly with the needles.

My wife waited 2 and a half days for a scan and was sent home without one as in the end she was so depressed she just wanted to go home as she told me she did not feel safe in the ward.

Needles were left next to her bed for several hours when nurses had forgotten about them, they also forgot to change her chart from nil by mouth to being allowed food and drink, meaning she went a whole day without eating or drinking until I arrived with food.

The nurse ignored her when she requested medication for the pain, until I arrived and she tried to kick me out and had to be notified that the only reason I had to come outside of visiting hours was to bring food and medication.

I am deeply shocked at the service and have lost trust completely in the ability of NHS practitioners to fulfill their duty of care


Disappointing, old fashioned and poor experience of outpatients

I attended the ENT clinic as an outpatient in May 2012 and I would like to make the following observations about my experience. It was very poorly organised. I have recent experience of Sheffiedd Hallam and the contrast is stark -the latter outstanding the former poor.

It began badly on arrival, I was given an appointment time and was seen 2 hours after my alloted time -yes 2 hours.

The system which seems not to have kept pace with modern practice is for everyone to be given the same time and then the clinicians decide at the clinic in what order patients should be seen.

Some of the elderly patients ( I appreciate much more ill than me) were distressed. There was a disabled man with his carer who was exhausted by having to sit in his wheelchair in a hot stuffy room. No-one had thought to make any reasonable adjustments for him.

I was referred for a specialist XRay and when I attended to receive the result I had to endure the same wait. Everyone in the clinic was upset and disgruntled- apparently people had come to expect this.

The Doctor who gave me the results had not read my notes and I had to tell him what the radiologist had diagnosed.

Overall a disappointing, old fashioned and poor experience.


My personal medical file disclosed to my partner’s mum

My story began when I phoned an ambulance due to the fact I was having severe abdominal pains. I was taken to A&E where my partner’s sister was working on reception. At this point I did not know what was wrong with me, it later came clear I was pregnant. The problem was my partner was in prison and I had an affair. Anyway it worked out I was having a miscarriage which totally distressed me. I asked the doctor not to let the receptionist know my situation as I didn’t want her to know. One year after this happening my partner’s mum decided to tell me just before my partner was due home and that I tell him about what happened or that she would. My partner has now left me and I understand that but I feel like I have had my privacy invaded which makes me angry and upset. I would like to make a formal complaint but don’t know the procedure; can you please give me some advice on my situation.


Didn’t feel cared for at Manchester Royal

I telephoned NHS Direct due to vomitting and pains in my abdomen. I was told to go to A&E.

I was seen by a nurse who wanted to do bloods and a urine sample. They needed to make sure I wasn’t pregnant.

I was told to go round to the walk in centre. After waiting over an hour I was seen by a nurse who was dismissive of me. She had “dip sticked” my urine. Examined me and said I had a kidney infection “and that’s why the pain is down one side”. The pain is down both sides and she could see this when she examined me but dismissed it.

She prescribed me “pregnancy friendly” antibiotics and said I had pregnancy symptoms so she could not rule out pregnancy. She did not take any blood samples.

She had thrown away my urine sample and needed a new one to send to the lab but I had only just give the sample so I couldn’t do another yet. I had a sample which I had done before I came to A & E, they kept asking for fresh samples. She told me to take this to my doctors for them to send to the lab. She said it would be “good practice” for them to do so.

My doctors took blood samples and sent the urine sample to the lab. No infection at all was found. A few days later they tested another sample, no infection was found. I was prescribed antibiotics for a kidney infection I didnt have.

I’m still in pain and it is still too early for a pregnancy test. I feel sometimes hospitals don’t care about their patients.

dismissed patient

Poor Care and communication

My mum has been in and out of the Manchester Royal for 4 and half years, each time has been nightmare.

They forget to give correct medication, do not pass on information to the relatives even after complaining to Pals. They have left her in her own poo, left her distressed and placed great pressure on myself. I’ve requested answers but never get them.

They make her sign forms when we have clearly told the hospital she must not sign forms unless a family member is there. There never seems to be anyone available, or if there is its is doing the drugs round and cannot speak to you. My mother was admitted again recently with dehydration and her nephrostomy was not draining. I arrived at the hospital this evening to find a doctor round her bed and was advised they had took mum down to radiology and changed her nephrostomy tube no one was informed she was having it done, so I wonder who supervised her signing forms? On getting back to the ward mums heart starting racing and they had to deal with it and do an ecg which showed it was still beating fast. I would never of forgive them if something had happened and I never got to see her. It is an absolute disgrace! Oh and last time she was in she started fitting for the 6th time, crash team were called etc etc. I asked if they would look into this to be told no as we are urology and don’t deal with things like this.

For godsake you are a hospital you’re meant to fix people not make them worse. The list is endless I could go on all night.


Stressed and starting to be ill Daughter!


Shocked beyond words

I was a patient on Ward 12, the Doctors were marvelous but I am sad to say that a few of the nursing staff were rude, impatient and as one of the night staff said ” I’m only here for the money”!

I was told that my urinary catheter would be removed at midnight and despite reminding the night nurse of this it was actually removed very hurriedly at 6am and I was left lying on a wet draw sheet.

I asked for a clean sheet but was told to wait for the day staff.

I am shocked beyond words.


Could my GP have prevented my burst bowel?

From February – September 2008, I had been in very bad pain. It was abdominal pain, so I went to my GP on numerous occasions, to be told that it sounds like IBS and was prescribed Mebevourine and Fybogel, but still no investigation. So September 26th 2008, I was rushed to hospital for me to have an emergency operation as my bowel had burst (peritonitis) and had to have my stomach flushed with 12 litres of water and was on life support and was then taken to the intensive care unit for 2 months. Through this I now have a stoma, and I do believe my doctor could of done a lot more, as another 2 hours I would of died. But as I am here to live the tale, I am very lucky and so are my children.