Thanks for the TLC on Clarke ward

I would like to express my grateful thanks for the care I received recently during a short stay in Clarke Ward. I had excellent treatment from the surgical team.

In particular I would like to thank the nursing staff in Clarke Ward for the TLC I received from them all. I am almost looking forward to my next stay!

Thank you all again.


Good care as day patient on Clarke ward (circumcision)

As my first operation, I was fairly nervous. All the staff that dealt with me really were first class – I do not think I would have been treated any better at a five star hotel.

Everything was well explained, with understanding and compassion, there was no pain after the operation and 6 hours or so from my arrival, I was free to go home.

May I sincerely thank every one of the team who contributed to such a wonderful experience – well done all. (Jackie, Alison and Peter are the names I remember).

Harley rider

Don’t take referral issues out on the patient!

My appointment was this morning and I had to have x2 investigation, an Ultrasound scan for urology and then a invasive investigation to my bladder health.

From entering the hospital early, every member of staff was polite and helpful, until I actually met the consultant/doctor who was to perform the investigation. They did introduce themselves ( I have forgotten their name, sorry), asked how I was and if I was well. I responded that I was very well. They then proceeded to ask me why I was there, that the referral was wrong and that it should not have been done and that I should not have been referred, and that I didn’t need the flexible cystoscopy performing . They then proceeded to tell me that the results of all my urine tests all proved negative and again that the referral was wrong and not needed.

I then was made to make the decision as to whether to go ahead with the procedure, which I chose to do. The procedure took far less time to do than the doctor had taken in complaining to me that I should not be there. I felt their attitude was very threatening and rude. I would like to think that this type of problem is not dealt with in this way: if there is a problem with the referral system, it should NOT be taken out on the patient. A simple explanation of their concerns could have been made, but not so forcefully that I felt a `fraud` and was wasting their time.

My GP had referred me in good faith, I have NO reason to question their clinical judgement.

I work for the NHS as a band seven district nurse team leader. I would expect any of my patients to complain if any of my team had spoken to them the way I was spoken to this morning.


Minor injuries @ kent & canterbury hospital

I attended Minor Injuries at Kent and Canterbury Hospital with an eye problem.

I am a nurse so was aware of what to expect, but was very pleased with the way I was treated. The Nurse Practitioner was very thorough and examined me professionally.

The staff were polite and friendly and I was dealt with quickly with only a 5 min wait.

Thank you!

Mrs NC

QEQM (Good) compared to K&C (Bad) hospital

After having stomach problems and developing an umbilical hernia, I was referred to K&C hospital by my doctor for an Ultrasound. After nothing was found, I was referred again to K&C to see a consultant to arrange an appointment to mend the hernia and a referral for gastroscopy. I was advised the the wait for endoscopy was around 6 weeks.

After 4 weeks or so, I phoned the hospital to check on progress and was informed that I was not on their system. My doctor wrote to the K&C asking for a priority appointment, given the amount of time already lost. Three weeks later, I phoned K&C again only to be told that I still wasn’t on their system. My doctor’s secretary phoned them again to complain and told there was a long waiting list. She then phoned QEQM hospital to check their waiting list times. Within 24 hours, I received a phone call confirming my appointments followed by a letter the next day.

My hernia op was due on the day of a university exams and so they helpfully changed my appointment date to the following day. They also changed my pre-op assessment date to the same day as my gastroscopy. Although K&C is my local hospital, I would never go there again and would always choose QEQM.


Post colles wrist fracture – no physio offered

I recently broke my wrist and had K-pins inserted. After 7 weeks the plaster came off (Kent and Canterbury fracture clinic) but I wasn’t offered any physio – and the wrist wasn’t x-rayed. One week later I have only very limited movement. Is this usual? I would have thought physio. was necessary. Anyone any thoughts on this?

Frances Berrie

TURP operation, Kent and Canterbury hospital, Canterbury

Excellent treatment and care on Clarke ward. Friendly, confident staff at all levels including contract staff. Very busy ward but well organised – and the food was so much better than expected! Recovery from this operation once home is another matter as it can take a long time with uncertainty as to whether there is a problem or not. Some kind of follow-up service other than the 6 week out patient appt would be welcome for many former patients


The disappearing patient!!

I was a patient in Harvey ward for nearly 3 months. ALL staff including Domestic staff were wonderful and enjoyed a good laugh, which helped with recovery.

On April fools day, feeling reasonably well I woke at 07. 15. my curtains were closed so I crept out of bed, sat on a footstool between my bed and the next and pulled the overhanging curtain round me, completely hiding me. A few mins later, jackie the domestic brought the fresh water jugs round and found my bed empty. She asked the staff if they had seen me ( To which one replied that I was in bed just minutes ago) They proceeded to search the ward, toilets, shower room even under my bed and the garden and corridor out of the ward. ( There are alarms on the door from the bay and exit from the ward is by access card held only by staff – so NO WAY could I have left the ward. ) One even pointed out that I was unable to walk without assistance and my wheelchair, frame and walking stick were still by my bed. After a few minutes when they had left the bay to look, heavens know where. I crept out and got back into bed! Seconds later, Julie appeared and said “Where have you been? ” I feigned all innocence saying I had been asleep. The other staff then arrived and INSISTED I had been missing from my bed! ! I was also just as insistent that I had not moved all night and that they were seeing – or not seeing – things.

After a few seconds of this I casually asked “What`s todays` date? ” A slightly annoyed voiced said ” Oh, 1st April – why? ” I sat up and said ” GOTCHA! ! ” At that point I thought I would be shortly visiting the casualty dept! but then they all laughed so much I thought they would wet themselves. Job done!

They left to go home after night shift chuckling away. For days after, they all gave me pretend dirty looks and then smiled and chuckled.

No one was hurt or inconvenienced ( apart from them checking the garden) and we all had a good laugh.

hospital Houdini

Assistive technology at Kent and Canterbury Hospital

Dr Matthew Pepper, Jeff and the team continue to provide an excellent service, adapting my husband’s wheelchair to meet his changing needs due to MS. They also assist with communication by resolving problems with voice activated software for his computer.

We always feel that no problem is too large – they see it as a challenge and their ‘can do’ attitude means they normally find a solution. Because of them my husband can drive his chair with chin controls and also operate his computer at home.

This means that despite lots of limitations on what he can do due to his MS he still has a really good quality of life, in no small part due to the team.