Excellent team at Good Hope Hospital

I would like to say that they have an excellent team at the Gynaecology Unit at Good Hope Hospital.

I had never been in hospital or had an operation before only to have my two children. I was feeling very frightened and scared, the Doctor was excellent and his team on ward 2. I could not have had any better support and care even if I had gone private. Even on the the one day (after my hysterectomy operation) they were short staffed and it didn’t affect the care and support that was given.

All I can say- Excellent team work!


Unhappy with experience of MRI and scan

Firstly the pain release from my injections have been wonderful. Consultant, staff, nurses are all brilliant.

However, I am terrified of small spaces and had to endure 3 MRIs. One I had to refuse due to nerves but everytime I had one, the MRI was lost! And then I had to endure another- it was awful, I cried and couldn’t believe it kept happening.

In the end I had a scan because I could not face another MRI. The operator of the scan told me to undress in the same room. “Take your bra off” whilst others were watching through the window. I was embarrassed and very uncomfortable.

The operator of the scan was Asian and I believe his Asian patients were given cubicles to undress in. I am still thinking of taking this further as I am not happy.


Where did the funding comer from?

I was referred to hospital by my GP back in December, after only one hour of my doctors visit the hospital called me and asked if I could make it in the next day. I was very pleased and surprised at the quick appointment as it was the Christmas period.

They wanted to check the mole on my face wasn’t malignant. I was reassured that it would not travel but asked if I would like to have the biopsy over the Christmas period. I decided against this and then waited until May for my appointment.

I was very pleased with how this went and was in and out in the day. The nurses were all very gentle and the surgeon did a great job with only a very small scar that is barely evident.

Before all of this, I had been having a problem with my finger, it had stated to bend and I could not straighten it naturally. I had had a pre-med in November and then heard nothing. One day I received a call saying that there was no funding for this procedure as it was not urgent. Then recently I got a call asking me to come in for another pre-med and I have now been told that they will go through with the operation. I am not sure what happened and where the funding has come from but glad that my finger will be sorted out.


Making a complaint and receiving no reply

I don’t imagine you will publish my story.

I was assaulted and abused by a rude, uncaring radiographer at Good Hope Hospital in April 2013.

I wrote a letter of complaint to the Chief Executive a few days later. To date, I have not even received an acknowledgement and information about how my complaint will be dealt with.

There is no clear complaints procedure laid out in this website, which is unacceptable.

There is little point in only wanting nice stories from patients and ignoring those who are dealt with so badly they are in pain for 2 weeks and traumatised by their experience.

If I hear nothing in 24 hours I am going to go public with my complaint because I am so angry that I have been ignored.


Children’s Harvey Ward, Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield

My daughter was born 5 weeks early by Caesarean section at Good Hope hospital and spent 5 days in the neonatal unit. Both the maternity ward and the neonatal unit were excellent and I received wonderful care from dedicated staff who worked really hard.

After being sent home, the midwife told us to return to hospital, to the Harvey Ward because my daughter had jaundice. We arrived there at 4pm and saw 6 different people who kept asking the same questions: what was her name, what were her circumstances, how premature was she, even if she was a girl or a boy. I was very upset at having had to return to hospital and in a lot of pain from my operation. I was worried about my daughter who had had lots of problems due to her early birth and I hadn’t slept at all for the past 5 days. I was crying and one of the doctors snapped, ‘What are you crying for? This is nothing, you’ll have loads more to worry about in her lifetime so stop being silly. ‘

At 7pm we were shown to a room and told to undress my daughter, which we did. The nurse said she didn’t have an eyemask for the photo therapy machine so she was going to get one from downstairs. 2 hours later, with my premature baby still undressed, my husband went to find her. She had forgotten to get the eyemask so went to get one then. Finally at 9: 30pm, my daughter went into the photo therapy machine. They then tried to get my husband to go home. I couldn’t even lift my baby due to my operation and she had to be taken out to be fed every 3 hours. I was so depressed and crying I begged with them to let him stay and they finally agreed.

About an hour later, another nurse came in telling him to leave which started me crying again. Eventually they let him stay. Each time I took my daughter out for a feed, she had to have her eyemask taken off and put back on again. None of the nurses on the night shift knew how to attach the eyemask. My husband had to do it and then we weren’t sure whether we were doing it right and whether we could cause permanent damage to her eyes if they weren’t covered properly.

The first night under the photo therapy machine was a nightmare. There was a thick layer of dust on the top of it and flies kept crawling out of it into where my baby was lying. We spent the whole night swotting massive flies that kept crawling out of the light at the top of the machine. The room was dirty and the chart on the wall said that the cleaning had last been done at the beginning of June (we were there in August. ) We weren’t kept informed about anything; we didn’t see anyone for ages and they wouldn’t tell us what was going on.

Having had our first awful night, I was very emotional and crying again (believe me, I’m not the sort of person who cries easily at all) and the same doctor came around, sighed and said, ‘Are you crying again? ‘ Not once did anyone check to see if I may have been suffering from postnatal depression. I had to top up my baby’s feed with expressed milk to ensure she was getting enough. They had one breastpump that was passed all around the ward. I had to feed every 3 hours yet they kept on taking the pump away from me and it would be 6 or 7 hours before I got it back, even after ringing the bell to tell the nurse I needed it.

On the 3rd day I phoned the midwife and told her I was taking my daughter out of the hospital. In my opinion care we received appalling and the flies and dirt were disgusting. Students were being sent each time to take my daughter’s blood out of her foot and they didn’t know how to do it so it was taking over half an hour with her crying and in pain. One of the nurses overheard me and suddenly, another doctor was brought in to explain what was going on (in what I found a very patronising tone). This doctor also seemed very unhappy to be called in to keep me informed about my daughter.

The food was awful – one day it was cottage pie, gravy and peas but they didn’t have any knives or forks or even a spoon so they just left me with a dinner I couldn’t eat. I am not the type of person who complains but I still have nightmares about the place and my daughter still won’t allow anyone to touch her feet.

After this experience I wouldn’t want to return to the Harvey Ward.


Painful procedures at Good Hope

In early Jan I had endoscopy and colonoscopy under “sedation” at Good Hope. I too entered the treatment room where the doctor was just sat at a desk with his back to me while the nurses sorted out everything else.

The sedation had very little effect and the endoscopy was traumatic but just about bearable.

The colonoscopy was incredibly painful – the nurses were holding me down and I was gripping the side of the trolley and shouting in pain.

Afterwards I was told that blood test and biopsy results would be sent to my GP within 10-12 days, but nearly 4 weeks later my GP has heard nothing and now I’ve been sent for a bone density scan and no-one has told me why.

The staff should realise that communication is incredibly important in these circumstances and I’m really frustrated that no-one has contacted me to tell me the results.

Catherine Lewis

Gallbladder removal – good experience, but delay in pain relief was unacceptable

I attended an appointment in Dec and agreed with the Dr that I needed my gallbladder removed due to gallstones. My date as a Day case patient came through for early March. I attended pre op in Feb (this is a bit of a ‘conveyor belt’ process, although not all staff were informative [ECG nurse] it was efficient) and then went in on the date my operation was due, as an afternoon case.

I arrived at 1pm, saw a nurse at 1.30 ish and was told I was 2nd on the list and a bed would soon be available for me to go to get changed into my robe. I was sent back to the day case waiting area. Whilst still in the waiting area I saw the anaesthetist and the surgeon, however still I was not shown to my bed. At 3pm ish I was taken into a little side room and told to get changed as theatre were ready for me. By the time I’d got changed, theatre had asked another patient to go down as I should have already have been ready, however as there was no bed in day care (although I’d sat at one to talk to the surgeon, then was sent back to the waiting room?) I’d had no opportunity to get changed. This upset me greatly as I was very nervous about my surgery and I had to wait another hour (4pm) till I went down. The nurses (Zoe) and anaesthetist were fab, especially as I was terrified. Being put to sleep was rather nice in the end. I woke in recovery at 6pm to be told the op had gone well, however I would have to stay overnight (which I was thankful for having two small children).

I was taken to Ward 16 where the main nurse Helen was great. At 10pm Helen was administering drugs to patients and asked if i wanted some pain relief, I did, however due to the theatre staff not putting my prescription on the computer system I couldn’t have anything! I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. Helen confirmed she would need to wait for a Dr to prescribe something and it shouldn’t take long. It took over 2 hours!! (until 12.30am) I found this completely unacceptable as I was now in more considerable pain and did not sleep well! I feel that this process must be improved.

The shift changed in the morning and the next nurses again were brilliant (particularly Ben and Chantelle) – they worked so hard and were very attentive to all patients. I saw a Dr in the morning who discharged me. However, in hindsight, he provided very little info as to how my surgery had gone and I now have some unanswered questions that I am not sure what to do with. On the whole my experience was good, however the delay in going to theatre added anxiety and the delay in pain relief was unacceptable.


Thankyou to Good Hope Hospital, Gynaecology Ward 2

I just wanted to say how wonderful all of the staff are in ward 2- Gynaecology. I was taken in recently after having a miscarriage at 12 weeks. I stayed in for 2 days and all of the staff were caring; from the doctors and nurses, through to the members of staff that make you a cup of tea and serve food. I just wanted to say a big thankyou.

Also, would like to give a big thankyou to the fertility nurse Diana Homm- she is one of the most caring and nice people that I have met.