Outpatient appointments need to suit the patient

I have never had a great experience with my appointments. I work full-time and I need to fit my appointments in to my work commitments.

When you leave the clinic they won’t let you book, so you have no way of planning the next appointment. Then they eventually send you a letter asking you to ring to book one. If you fail to ring in time they send you a vaguely threatening one to say you will be discharged (what if you are on holiday or similar?).

I rang as requested to book an appointment. I had my work diary and the lady on the phone was really helpful – we worked out when I could fit it in and when there was a free slot – amazing. This was booked on 10th April for 24th May.

I am thinking we are doing really well, only then to receive a letter dated 11th April to bring my appointment forward to 17th May, a date that I can’t make. There is no choice – I am just moved.

I thought we were making progress by at least being able to chose a date, only to find we have gone backwards again and I am just issued with a changed date.

By the way – an explanation for why its been changed would be welcome too!


Fantastic care for my son’s minor operation

My son was admitted for a minor operation to the Boothroyd Centre last week and I just want to say how happy I was with the care that we received whilst we were there.

The receptionist at check in was friendly and polite (sorry I didn’t get your name, but it was the young blonde lady working on Tuesday!). The nursing staff ( Sandra, Vicki and I think Jane? ) were lovely to both myself, as a worried parent, and my son as the patient.

We then saw the surgeon, Mr Verma, who is very nice and explained what would be happening so well. The ODP (Janet) who came to collect us to go to theatre was friendly and reassuring, and the anaesthetist ( Khalid? ) was so lovely to my son, and made going to sleep so easy and not traumatic at all for my son.

This team are worth their weight in gold! Thank you to all concerned!


Locala Walk in Centre at Dewsbury District hospital

I attended the walk in centre 3 weeks ago at Dewsbury District Hospital and during the short wait for my turn, I observed the behaviours of A&E staff and Locala walk in centre staff and noticed a real difference in the customer service given.

The A&E staff I saw seemed grumpy and impatient when calling for patients and came accross as unfreindly and frankly not bothered and put out. While the walk in centre staff were welcoming, freindly and extremely pleasant.

The huge contrast in the way the staff came accross made me grateful that I didnt need A&E treatment. I felt sorry for anyone attending A&E and would like to highlight this so that steps can be taken to improve customer service to all those attending Dewsbury A&E wether that be for the walk in centre or Accident & Emergency department.


Waiting 11 hours for surgery for finger injury

Cut the top off index finger and I went to Dewsbury A&E at about 11-30am, great service.

Then needed surgery, so was waiting at Dewsbury over 2 hours. Dewsbury could not get in contact with Pinderfields – nobody answering phone.

Finally got to Pinderfields, and waited until 11pm for them to say come back tomorrow we will do surgery.

Went back Saturday 7-30am, and got out at about 12-30 after surgery.

Staff at Dewsbury and Pinderfields very good, it was just the waiting…


Excessive wait, poor customer care policy

I was referred to the urology department, Dewsbury hospital, a full hour’s travel from my home, despite there being another fully equipped hospital at Pontefract, 4 miles away, in November 2006.

I was quickly seen by the consultant and very quickly afterwards, assessed for general anaesthetic. The inspections and diagnosis took place in December 2006. By late April 2007 I had written to the department on two occasions and telephoned numerous times but could not persuade anyone to offer a date for further treatment except ‘there is a five month waiting time’

I had no contact from the hospital without my instigating it. The telephone extension of the nominated person involved was never answered.

The hospital is rated as ‘WEAK’ by the DoH, in treatment and financial management. In my experience this is flattering.


Long wait for appointment just isn’t good enough

I went to Dewsbury Hospital to see a consultant about my hip, he told me I would need a hip operation and that I could expect an appointment in 10 weeks.

I just rang up to make an appointment with the bookings secretary and she says I can’t have an appointment for 26 weeks!

It’s outrageous. I wanted to complain to NHS Kirklees about this, but when I call their PALS line, no one answers. I’ve been trying all day and getting more angry. This just isn’t good enough.


Treated well at Dewsbury Hospital

I underwent investigative laparoscopic surgery today as a day case at Dewsbury Hospital.

I chose this hospital because I wanted to be treated by Mr Trehan who has an excellent reputation for treating endometriosis and was recommended by a friend. I have also visited friends at this hospital and was impressed by the staff and facilities.

I was not disappointed.

I was treated well, all staff (doctor and nurses alike) introduced themselves by name. The hospital itself was clean and well maintained. The ward was small and cosy, pleasantly warm with comfy beds. The meals i was served were lovely. There wasn’t a massive selection, but what they had was of a high standard.

Basically, I felt safe and warm and felt like I was treated as an individual.

I experienced little pain or sickness, due to the doctors’ skills and am now sat at home feeling well enough to share my experience.


AandE Admission two and a half months ago

I am writing about my recent experience of AandE admission – in which I was undergoing a food poison or bowel related problem. Although treatment started out fair, I found that subsequently failures set in: these included asking me to collect a prescription before I had finished vomiting/enduring pain, etc despite my indications I felt unwell and second, refusal of an ambulance when requested later in the morning. This episode occurred in late March 2009.

I am, I think about to progress this matter to the local ombudsman.

I do note the other two cases here outlined and feel it is appropriate to add my details to these.

Clearly AandE is a difficult context; but I do think that a keen eye ought to be had to the vulnerability of patients in this situation. If the Trust cannot protect persons at their most vulnerable, something ought to be done – in my view.