Overheard the nurse talking about me in A&E

After sitting through intense chest pains, breathlessness, inability to sleep for 24 hours, a few sudden pains gave me incentive to ring an ambulance.

Ambulance arrived fast, paramedics were nice, helpful and more importantly I felt safe when they were there.

Upon arrival to A&E, I was taken into a room where I would sit for the next 4 hours. Nurses took an ECG, blood test, blood pressure etc. I was then left unattended with no one even looking at me for the next 2.5 hours. I was then visited by a doctor, who was actually quite a nice knowledgeable guy.

There was also a woman across from me screaming in pain constantly, and after nearly an hour a nurse asked her if she was ok. They asked the patient if she wanted painkillers, and the patient said yes. The patient told the nurse her doctor (GP) told her she couldn’t have paracetamol, but the nurse gave her paracetamol anyway, after talking about her lying to another doctor while the patient was less than a metre away.

All in all, I trust the paramedics and ambulance technicians, but not the staff who treated me at A&E. In my opinion some of the nurses attitudes were terrible as well, although of the 4 I saw, 2 were nice and I thought 2 looked at me like I was nothing, and I actually overheard one say ‘we have better things to do than dealing with him’ which was a nice thing to hear when you are fearing for you’re life, alone.


Access to Lancashire Cardiac Centre is via haze of smoke

My Husband attended the Lancaster Cardiac Centre today for tests. As it was Saturday the main entrance was closed and we had to enter by a side door. Two male patients in dressing gowns were stood by the door smoking.

In order to gain access to the building we had to pass through a haze of smoke which was disgusting. I am allergic to cigarette smoke which made this particularly uncomfortable for me. We could not believe that this was allowed at a Cardiology Unit for obvious reasons.

Along the gravel which is adjacent to the hospital building there are hundreds of discarded cigarette ends. When we exited the building there were two visitors smoking on the car park which is just outside the building. There needs to be more signage in this area as there are in other parts of the hospital and the no smoking policy needs enforcing.

Other hospitals are able to effectively implement their no smoking policy you would expect that an eminent cardiac unit could do this. You do not expect to have to suffer from cigarette smoke at a hospital.

The tests at the Lancashire Centre were carried out extremely efficiently and patient care was exemplary.


Artoid stenosis valve replacement

I recently had heart surgery at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. The surgeon, has recently embarked on this new type of surgery in which they replace heart valves. At first I was very apprehensive because the surgeon had only performed this operation twice before. (Right anterior thoracotomy.)

The recovery time was only a week. In my case I recovered so quickly that I walked around Blackpool’s Stanley Park on the third day after the surgery.

I had no pain whatsoever. My sternum and ribs were intact. Access to my heart valve was gained between the ribs, leaving only a small scar.

This has to be the heart surgery of the future and I recommend this to any patients that are suitable for this procedure. If you can get this consultant and their team to perform this, you have an extra bonus. They are truly highly professional in this type of surgery.

Thank you.

Tony Davenport

tony davenport

Treatment for Quinsy in A&E

My daughter attended your A&E department this weekend at 10pm. She has recently had a bout of Quinsy so knew the symptoms straight away and that she needed antibiotics and maybe a needle aspiration.

The Doctor in A&E did not seem to know what Quinsy was or what to do about it.

He gave her 2 bottles of antibiotic and a bottle of pain killers ( firstly offering tablets – until my daughter told him she couldn’t swallow. )

The bottles he gave her did not have her name on, or the dose or frequency of the dose, which I believe is not good practice.

I brought her home ( as she is a student in Blackpool) and have been to see our own GP ( 3 days later). She informs me that the antibiotic that my daughter was given was not the correct type and that would have no effect on the Quinsy, so we have now started on another 10 day dose.


Waiting times for ambulance are too long

I was also in Royal Victoria Hospital in Blackpool. Rushed in Christmas afternoon (emergency) because I had trouble breathing with cardial asthma. The paramedics were great and got me breathing properly. I was in 11 days and came out January 2009. But the length of time waiting for treatment was endless. When I was discharged I was waiting from 9.30am till 1pm for my prescription. I couldn’t let my son know the time for nurses if you needed the toilet was disgusting, not so much the nurses fault. The ward I was put in was a locked ward but some of the older people were pressing the buzzer and they wet themselves and were distressed. My biggest complaint is the ambulance wait at Hallamshire Hospital, is the time I have to wait coming home from hospital. The time previous was four hours, 3 1/2 hours time before. They need a better system as they don’t see to people was there first. It was 2 ½ hours last week. I appreciate they are busy but being diabetic I was in the ambulance area and it got there at 12 o’clock after the doctors appointment and it was 3.15 before I got a lift home and I asked three times. It is a must to get this sorted other appointments I go by taxi but very expensive when you go regularly.


What happened to my Mother?

In 2008 my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 renal failure and as she needed to visit a renal specialist every 6-8 weeks and had no way of getting to her appointments on her own both my mother and I decided that it would be easier for me to manage if she moved closer to me and my husband. My mother was also an insulin dependant diabetic largely house bound due to arthritis in her left knee. She was such a determined positive person. We moved my mother from Bolton to Cleveleys in Dec 2007. She loved her new home and both my husband and I spent numerous very enjoyable hours caring for her in her new home.

Around June 2008 my mother’s health started to deteriorate She was admitted to Blackpool general hospital and that is when the issues started. I had to request meetings with specialist to ascertain what they were proposing to do with my mother. It seemed that every time I wanted further information about my mother’s condition people were reluctant to talk to me. When I met with ward doctors the information provided was sketchy. At no stage did any of the ward doctors or specialists tell me that my mother was seriously ill and had only a short time to live. When I enquired what was happening with my mother a ward doctor stated they had taken the decision to insert stents in her bladder.

Days after her operation, I had to chase for information again. The doctor who agreed to see me stated they had made an attempt to put a stent in her left kidney but there was a blockage but had managed to get a stent into her right kidney. My mother went through rehabilitation at Rossall before returning home. No after care instructions were given to us regarding my mum. When my mother returned home she was so happy to be home and was fine for a while. However, approx two months after she returned the problems started again. This time the problem was fluid retention. (She was almost twice the size) The district nurse organised for her to be re-admitted to hospital again this time due to the excessive fluid retention, she was also having problems with her breathing.

The intention this time was to get rid of the fluid quickly in order to aid her breathing. My mothers weight also plummeted. In two weeks she went from 9stone to seven and a half stone and looked gaunt and tired. Again no after care was discussed and she was transferred to the rehabilitation hospital in Bispham. Staff there were in the main ok. However, I was totally shocked when I was informed that my mother had haemorrhage and they had chosen to do nothing until I insisted they refer her to a Gynaecologist. I am led to believe that a Gynaecologist at Blackpool saw her in October and that the feedback was that there was nothing to worry about.

My mum returned home in October and settled back home. Again no further information regarding my mother’s condition was supplied. In fact her GP took her off the antibiotics because he was unsure why they had been prescribed. In the last week of November my mother started to complain about feeling unwell and developed a urine infection. The doctor was called he said she would be ok and prescribed another dose of antibiotic however, my mothers health got worse and there was a large amount of blood in her urine. She was in absolute agony complaining of pains across her stomach. When I held her she was wincing with the pain. I called the doctor but as the pain was getting worse I called for the ambulance. On the day she was admitted to hospital again she was due to see the Kidney specialist so I felt she would be in the best place. However, when the nurse in A&E rang to tell the specialist that my mother had been admitted the feedback was to call him if she got any worse.

We arrived in A & E at around 10.00 and Mum was x -rayed. We were told at around 12.00 that she needed a special type of antibiotics. She was then moved to the main A& E section no antibiotics administered. Again at 18.00 that day when she was being moved to a ward the nurse stated that she needed antibiotics from the main chemist but that the ward would get it and administer it. At 20.00 I was sat with my mum who had been placed in a side room. She was in absolute agony at this stage. She had eaten nothing all day. I went to find a Doctor and was told he was doing the rounds and would be with me shortly. When he arrived, he examined my mother and said he thought she had an infection – he made no mention of antibiotics so I assumed that he had the notes and the antibiotics were on the way – how wrong was I. I was unaware but she had wet the bed as she had been unable to get to a commode and had been left without suitable under garments. The doctor called the nurses in to get the bed changed. I was so tired and thought she was in the best place. I kissed her and said I would see her the following day.

When I arrived the following day at around 15.00 they had moved my mum to the main holding ward – again no one was on hand to provide information about her condition. When I got to her bed I knew something was wrong – she was drifting in and out talking to herself and repeating herself. When I asked her a question she would find it difficult to answer and her answers did not make sense. My mother was a competent, alert and often independent person who knew her own mind, this was not my Mother. When I called the nurse over to ask why after they had been told to give her antibiotics yesterday there was none being administered, he told me to wait by reception while he administered the intravenous antibiotic and that he would also insert a catheter. I told him that this was not my mother she had deteriorated drastically – his response was really is she not normally like this. No one seems to be listening. They immediately moved my mum to another ward in the hospital. It was a busy ward rather noisy but I accepted that my mum was in the best place and would get the best care. Not so. She had not eaten for two days now and I managed to get her to eat some ice cream before I left for home praying that everything would be ok the following day. I tried to explain to my husband the state my mum was in but even he found it difficult to comprehend because my mum has been extremely alert for her age and she knew what she wanted.

When I rang the hospital the following morning I experience yet more defensive feedback. All I asked was how my mum was doing. I was told she was asking for bananas in the night. I said it doesn’t sound like my mum because she doesn’t like bananas. They also said she had been asking for my husband and me. I said you should have called me. When I got to the hospital they had her sat out of bed in a side chair. She was clearly uncomfortable and was trying to adjust herself in the chair pulling herself up. She did not know who we were. We tried to get her to take some water but she was so agitated she didn’t know what to do for the best. I asked the ward nurse what was happening and was reluctantly told that the infection has taken hold but that she would come through it. We then asked that she be checked to see if she was responding. Again this was done reluctantly but we were assured that she was responding. I asked if they would put her back into bed, as she would be able to settle. This they did. It seemed they had attempted to feed her as her mouth was covered in food. I wiped her mouth with her flannel and she seemed to settle. I held her hand and stroked her face and she smiled. I was told a Doctor would be called if her condition worsened. I told the ward nurse that as my mum had settled I would see him tomorrow and he said ok – Later that evening I received a call from the hospital to say my mum was not responding.

I truly believe that staff at the hospital have failed not only my mother but also my family and me. I am still unsure exactly what went on what treatment why what happened – no one has had the decency to tell me. A friend of mine told me to pay for access to the specialist and I will get as much information as I need but the advice came to late – my mother died the following day – I need to know what happened – I will never be able to lay my mum to rest until I know what happened and why my mother did not receive the treatment she needed when her needed it most. I know some errors were made and I need to know why!


First baby by section

I had a planned c-section at blackpool victoria, and as I work within the hospital I had certain expectations. MOST of the staff were very friendly and helpful (unaware that I worked there). There were a couple of healthcare assistants whose attitudes left a lot to be desired. They were rude, loud and seemed more interested in themselves then the patients around them.

However, the theatre staff were very friendly and were exceptional with my husband. Once back on the ward, I suffered an allergic reaction and although the staff on those 4 days had never dealt with my concern before they were understanding….. could of done with the oromorph a little sooner than 1hour after crying for it!

But I must say all the midwives that looked after myself were very respectful and caring, they even watched my little man so I could get a few hours sleep!

Very happy with my stay and it was clean and tidy at all times!


Blackpool Victoria Hospital General care of patients

Following a previous problem at Blackpool Victoria hospital I have now been left with reduced daily ability to do “normal” everyday things. I have also been left with constant pain.

Following a recent severe bout of chronic pain, I visited the Critical care unit and was left feeling like I didn’t matter. The Receptionist was lovely, but the triage nurse looked above me the whole time I was talking, and sighed and rolled their eyes.

Then the person who came to get me to assess my pain marched onwards, leaving me trailing behind. Other patients in the corridors who were waiting to be seen had to tell me which direction they had gone in, so I could follow.

Then when I was being “assessed”, they practically pressed where the pain was and told me that they wouldn’t xray me (despite me having all the classic symptoms of a fracture) and that I was better just resting. They then left the room.

Thanks to NHS choices I am now going to go to Preston hospital as I wouldn’t choose to go to Blackpool Victoria Hospital. I believe that they have left me in the pain I am today. I feel that they haven’t learnt or made amends for the manners and general lack of care of the staff, who don’t seem to give two hoots.


Nephew allowed to walk out of A&E

My nephew was taken to hospital last Friday night, after being attacked and kicked in his head.

His mum attended hospital to find he had been drinking and bruised (16 year old) she told him to get off the trolley and to come home with her, which he did, she was then told she could not take him home as he had to be monitored due to the head injury.

She told the staff she could see they were busy, they were not watching over him, and he would be better in her care where she could keep an eye on him, they refused.

She left him as she had a 1 year old at home. At 12pm he walked out of the hospital with no one telling her, and was picked up by the police, he spent the night in the cells, so who is responsible?

My sister was told she had no rights to take him home, yet the medical staff just let him walk the streets, he could have been killed crossing the road from the hospital? This is not acceptable.

In the same week my mum was taken in after having a fit due to a metastatic brain tumour removed, the ambulance staff were brilliant and got her fit under control outside our house.

When we arrived at A&E she was wheeled into a cubicle, and was told there was a two and half hour wait to see a Dr. People were on trolleys all over as there was not enough space in cubicles, so my mum signed herself out, as due to her condition there was not much could be done, she was having tests all week through her oncologist.

It would have been helpful if a Dr would have just come and spoke to her and allowed her to go once he/she knew the facts, but instead she had to to sign herself out.


My father at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

My father has terminal cancer and is nearing the end of his life, he also has other conditions and ailments hence there is no treatment being given for the cancer.

His first visit to BVH was the beginning of October when he was admitted to the ward with swallowing and breathing difficulties. After three days there he still had his own clothes on and had not been changed, not even when he went to have a stent inserted into his throat, and his prosthetic leg had not been removed, consequently upon getting home after dischrage at 7pm his leg smelt terrible and the stump needed dressing by my mother.

A stent was inserted but no follow up appointment was ever made to access his condition.

Myself wife mother and my two children visited him the day after on a side ward with 6 patients, this is when my son pointed out that the man opposite did not seem to be breathing, i went to look and he had indeed died, i alerted this to the nurses who had already looked at the patient earlier and they were concerned it had not been spotted and closed the curtains around him and left him, it would seem to me that if a patient on a ward is near to death that they should be moved to a private room.

In January he was again admitted with breathing problems, and was then discharged with a needle still in his arm.

In February he was admitted to a different ward with a suspected blocked stent and breathing problems and severe headaches.

He was accessed to see if the could walk and swallow ok and after been told 6 times that day that they were bringing him home i finally had to collect him at 6.45 at night.

When getting home his sock was soaking and his leg was very blistered, the ward was called and within 20 minutes we had to take him back to the ward.

The next day the doctor said that the leg was swollen and said he needed water tablets and was not concerned, but would access him the next day, he did not seem pleased we had brought him back despite been told to take him back.

He seemed unwilling to believe that despite them telling us he could walk ok i had to lift him out the car and into a wheel chair as he could not support himself or walk and was very confused.

The doctor said that we cannot continue to keep coming back with my father so many times and they may transfer him to a different hospital or even a nursing home.

I believe this attitude is disgusting towards an elderly dying man.

The dates are approx but specific dates can be given