Very good care on ward 32 at Barnsley District General

I was a patient on ward 32 at the Barnsley District General hospital for the treatment of bowel problems.

The standard of care which I received, from both the medical and the nursing staff, was very good. At all times, I feel that I was treated with respect, kindness and care. As far as I am concerned, nothing could have been better.


Do not feel the GP takes this seriously

Attended BDGH with leg DVT flared up. Informed by A&E to go and see GP to make a referral to DVT. GP did not do this. Did not give creams or anything for scabs. I do not feel the GP takes this seriously so I have not returned to GP. Care has now been transferred to Shared care so I hope to get to see GP and treated then.


Good care at Barnsley District General day surgery

I went to Barnsley District General to have a mole removed at the day surgery. The standard of care from the medical professionals and the nursing staff was very good, and the cleanliness of the hospital was also good. The punctuality was not too bad this time, although earlier in the year I waited 3 hours after my appointed time in order to be seen. Everyone I came into contact with was very friendly, so thanks to all staff.



Excellent service given at BDGH by the consultant and nurse on 3.9.15. I was put at ease from the off and called in early, always a plus.

I felt fully informed about my condition, was invited to ask questions which were answered as simply as possible. I was able to make an informed choice about my treatment plan. Thank you



Communication is terrible During my time of being pregnant I have had nothing but problems and the nhs haven’t helped. I have had to chase up on more than one occasion my scan appointments and its not good when the scans are for the safety of my unborn child. I had to change my midwife after going through the doctors who told me I cant change my midwife even though I had a very good reason to then I had to contact the hospital and contact the head of midwives who was very pleasant and dealt with the situation. Still communication is terrible and I hope that the rest of my pregnancy goes better. If i ever get pregnant again I will looking at going to a different hospital.