Care and compassion shown to my father

I would just like to express my thanks for the care and compassion shown to my father on a recent trip to the QEII in Welwyn Garden City. Following a cardiac episode he was seen by he GP who referred him to the QEII. He has long standing chronic issues, as well as cancer.

He was triaged promptly and the medical and nursing staff were professional and supportive at all times during his whole stay. The young Irish nurse in the Clinical Decsion Unit was lovely and the young doctors and registrar treated my father with dignity and respect. They took time to explain what they were doing and kept us informed.

He is a colourful character and can be quite loud as he is deaf and has lost his hearing aid. Everyone took the time to listen to him and share a few words and support.

The only thing which was slightly jarring note was the radio which was on in the background until I turned if off. I was not clear who it was for and as my father is hard of hearing this made some communication difficult.

This is the third time the QEII have supported and saved my fathers life he is very thankful for thier continuing support and kindness. He hopes he won’t see them again anytime soon!

Please pass these comments to the whole team and our thanks for all the work they do to support people such as my father.

Thankful relative

Feedback on “Care and compassion shown to my father”

  1. So glad that, once again, you felt the team at the QEII looked after your father so well. We know that they will be delighted by your feedback, which we will make sure reaches them as quickly as possible.

    Of course, they’ll just tell us that this the level of good patient experience they aspire to achieve for everyone – but it’s still nice to see it written down in black and white!

    So many thanks again and we hope that it is sometime before you and your father need to come to the QEII again.

    For all sorts of reasons we hope that your father has no need to use our services again any time soon. But if he does, we’re sure that he will continue to get the same high quality care from our doctors and nurses at the QEII. That said, however, we also know they will be chuffed to bits to read your kind words, which we will make sure reach them quickly.

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