British Citizen stuck in hospital abroad

My friend is a British citizen living abroad. He suffered a stroke and has been given agreed PCT funding to go to RHN Putney. However nobody in Surrey PCT is taking responsibility for the request from RHN to admit him to East Surrey Hospital for short term stay to ensure he has not recently suffered an acute infection and is stable after transfer. Then he needs to be transferred, where he has been accepted and given PCT funding for assessment at RHN Putney.

My friend is being blocked by Surrey PCT to enter the country as they are not willing to give a bed in an NHS hospital to an English citizen (whom I may add has paid tax and national insurance). There will be no outlay for transfer to England as this will be paid for by the family. I am disgusted by the appalling treatment my friend is receiving.


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  1. We noticed your post and thought you may be interested to hear about the work of the Stroke Association and how we may be able to support your friend. Stroke Association is the leading charity in the UK changing the world for people affected by stroke.

    Our Stroke Helpline is there for anyone who has been affected by stroke in any way. You may want to know more about stroke and its effects, be looking for practical information and support, or simply someone to talk to. The Stroke Helpline is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm on 0303 30 33 100. You can also email us at We also have a range of services across the UK, providing information, advice and support to stroke survivors and their families. You can find out if there is a service in your area by contacting the Helpline.

    We were sorry to hear of your friend’s stroke and that you feel he is not being supported. It sounds like a difficult time for him at the moment not being able to access treatment in the UK although he is a UK citizen. It may be helpful to contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). PALS is an independent organisation, there to ensure that the NHS listens to patients, their relatives, carers and friends, answers their questions and resolves their concerns as quickly as possible. You can telephone PALS by phoning NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 and asking for the local PALS office.

    Finally, you can also find lots of information about stroke on our website at You can read about our services, read or listen to other people’s experiences and download all of our publications free of charge. There is news about our campaigns to improve services for stroke survivors, national and local events and our research programmes. You can also join the Talkstroke discussion group where you can share your experiences with other people who have been affected by stroke.

    I hope that this is helpful and that your friend is able to access the services and support he needs as soon as possible.

    Stroke Information Service

    Stroke Association staff are not medically trained and the information provided does not replace information given to you by your own healthcare provider.

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