Better treatment for pregnant women needed

I found the antenatal care at RBH really awful. I was contacted by phone to attend an appointment with the consultant regarding test results. Thinking it was important given that it was for the same week they phoned me, I made sure I was there on time. They kept me waiting for 2 hours before I was even called in. At 37 weeks pregnant, I found this very uncomfortable making both mine and my partner’s patience wear thin. When we were finally called in, we felt the midwife was very abrupt and the antenatal checks were not what I would call up to standard. We were then left in the room for a further 20 minutes.

The consultant finally turned up and did not seem to know the reason for us being there (I had to remind the consultant) and in response to our complaint of the wait, we were then advised to go to a different hospital. That I can assure you we will be doing.

As for the scan department, if you want pictures make sure you take coins. If you go with a note and need change, the only place to get change is back at the entrance.

As a whole, in my opinion I felt they treated me, as a pregnant woman terribly.

definately not happy