Apprehensive to start with when there was no need-great care

I gave birth to my 2nd son at Heartlands hospital towards the end of May 2013. Previously, I have had really good and almost painless experience from the birth of my 1st boy who was born in my native country in a private hospital.

About the Heartlands POW women Unit, a few of my acquaintances had told me some not so good experience stories about heartlands maternity unit which had made me extremely apprehensive about what I might face when my time comes.

All my fears went out of the window as I received proper, timely and really good care. I was given epidural upon my request. The midwife, Diane, was a Godsend for me. She was extremely patient, understanding and so very considerate. She understood my need for epidural and arranged an anaesthetist from another ward/unit as the one in delivery suite was occupied with some emergency. I could not have asked for better postnatal care as well. The Aspen ward midwife, Jullie was very attentive and even sat down and talked to me when she saw that I was having a baby blues stress.

There was some delay in the visit of the baby doctors who checked my son after 32 hours of birth which made us really concerned as my boy was little mucusy and throwing up. We were later explained that the delay was caused due to shortage of doctors due to bank holiday.

Overall, I would say I received excellent, attentive and proper care at the Heartlands POW women’s unit.


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