Accident & Emergency Needs Improving

In the last four weeks, I have unfortunately been to the A&E Dept twice with my adult daughter. Both times, I found the time sat waiting in the waiting room totally unacceptable, Registration and triage were good, not too long to wait, but waiting to see a Doctor in Minor’s is appalling.

To add insult to injury, when we were finally called into minor’s the calm and quiet is deafening, two rows of computers with Doctors and Nurses looking at them, and writing, this is wrong, they should be seeing the poorly people waiting to be seen in the waiting room, it’s totally unacceptable. It’s a chair moving exercise, and it’s unfair to people who are sick and needing medical treatment, otherwise, why would they be there? certainly not for the good of their health!

Everyone is kind, and apologetic, but I’m afraid it’s not enough, someone needs to do something, it could be more efficient, if someone cared enough. I suggest one of your employees tries the experience, believe me, if we had a choice, we would not be there, genuine accidents and emergencies should be treated as such, and not left in a waiting room to get worse, and feeling like no one cares. If you want your hospital to be complimented on it’s care and efficiency, then do something about it, make A&E a place where people do not dread to go, but somewhere where they know people care,

connie west

Feedback on “Accident & Emergency Needs Improving”

  1. I am sorry that your experience of the Accident and Emergency Department at Tameside fell short of what we aspire to. I can assure you that we do care about patient experience and are working hard to ensure that every patient receives timely appropriate care, every time.

    Thanks you for posting your experience on the Osteoplan website. I will ensure the Accident and Emergency team are aware of your posting.

    Kind regards

    John Goodenough

    Director of Nursing

    Would you like to help the hospital to improve its services further? We are currently looking for patients and carers to become involved in a development called “Patient Stories”. We want to know more about our services from the point of view of those who received them – what was good, bad, what could be improved, what should be changed. Want to know more about what’s involved? Please contact John Goodenough, Director of Nursing at

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